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Merlin's unique search, review and compliance workflow software integrates keyword and algorithmic search seamlessly to make search smarter, review easier and discovery more affordable.

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For Search, Review and Compliance

Merlin develops AI-powered search, review and compliance software for legal and professional teams. We combine the latest machine learning, search and cloud-native technologies with our own software to make search smarter, review faster and discovery more affordable. 

Merlin Integrated Search seamlessly integrates keyword and algorithmic search into a single platform. Merlin IS is powered by Sherlock®,  our AI-powered digital document bloodhound which can analyze and rank a million documents in 100 milliseconds (about the time it takes to blink an eye). 

Merlin Comply is an automated workflow platform designed to help organizations meet regulatory obligations efficiently, at lower costs, and with fewer mistakes. Merlin Comply is customizable to meet your workflow needs and may be deployed anywhere in the world.

Our systems are cloud-native from the ground up. You get the benefits of a secure cloud environment, including single tenancy, the ability to spin up or spin down sites, customized disaster recovery options, and Cloud Utility Pricing.

Our first ever Search 2.0 platform combines keyword and algorithmic search to help people find the information they need, quickly and easily, without the need to master complex search syntax turn to search experts for help.

Our automated workflow software helps organizations meet regulatory obligations efficiently and effectively, at lower costs while eliminating needless mistakes. Customize our workflow platform  to meet your needs.

Built to Meet Legal & Regulatory Needs

Our CEO and Founder, John Tredennick, spent the first twenty years of his career as a trial lawyer and partner at a national law firm. In the mid-nineties, he and his team began developing software to help legal clients meet demanding regulatory requirements. We understand what you need to accomplish and have built the next-generation software to get you there.  

We design using the latest languages and cloud-native technologies to make sure your sites are lightning fast, maintaining speed regardless of size.
We've spent twenty years making our systems simple and intuitive. Check out our videos or request a demo to see how easy it is to use a "no-training-needed" Merlin system.
We maintain site security using advanced border protection, end-to-end encryption, cloud monitoring, hardened APIs and sophisticated rights management.
We build our systems to run securely in the cloud for "no limits" scalability. From a small investigation to a large collection, we can instantly deploy the resources you need.
We can provision your sites anywhere in the world, building in redundancy and disaster recovery while ensuring compliance with local data protection laws.
Automation, the cloud and low operating costs allow us to provide a range of pricing options which can help make investigations, discovery and compliance more affordable.
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