Month: September 2021

Sherlock and the Case of Florida’s Library Closure

The saga of Sherlock, the first AI-powered digital document bloodhound, continues. In his latest adventure, Sherlock takes on the “Case of Florida’s Library Closure.”

In testing Merlin Integrated Search, we stumbled on a clue suggesting that a move was afoot to eliminate Florida’s state library system, turning it over to private hands. Would Governor Jeb Bush take such a step and make Florida the “laughingstock of library circles?”

Sherlock is on the case.

Sherlock and the Case of Florida’s Disappearing Drinking Water

Our mission is to find documents relating to the bottling of Florida’s spring water by mega companies like Nestle and Perrier. Some claim that these bottlers are depleting Florida’s natural springs, contributing to water shortages and causing sinkholes that swallow up homes.

The document request is simple enough: “Bottled Water–All documents concerning the extraction of water in Florida for bottling by commercial enterprises.” But how do we frame our keyword search?

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