John Tredennick

John Tredennick is the founder and CEO of Merlin Digital Magic. He spent his first twenty years as a partner and trial lawyer at a national law firm and his second twenty as the founder CEO of Catalyst, a leading e-discovery software company (recently sold to a large public company).

What is Search 2.0

In this video, CEO John Tredennick provides an introduction to the next generation of search, which we call Search 2.0.

What is Search 2.0? In simple terms, it is the seamless integration of keyword and algorithmic search in a single platform.

What is algorithmic search? It is the use of a smart algorithm like Sherlock® to help find relevant documents. Think of Sherlock as Pandora for finding great documents (rather than great music).

Sherlock in Sixty Seconds

This is a quick introduction to Sherlock, the first AI-powered digital document bloodhound.

In this case we are looking for documents relating to whether taxpayers should subsidize sports stadiums in Florida. We have collected 1.9 million emails from Governor Jeb Bush’s two terms as governor of Florida.

Can Sherlock help find documents relevant to our investigation? Watch this short introduction to Sherlock and see for yourself.

Sherlock and the Case of the Looming Climate Crisis

Sherlock’s mission today is to find documents relating to the debate over global warming and climate change and to help determine Governor Bush’s position on the subject.

The problem is that many of the documents Sherlock finds are similar in content and language. Traditional document reviewers have to go document by document to find relevant information. Sherlock has a better way. Watch has he brings back 50 documents at a time, clusters them by similar content and allows reviewers to intelligently tag clusters with a single click. Can we review 50 documents in 5 rather than 50 minutes?

Sherlock and the Case of Florida’s Library Closure

The saga of Sherlock, the first AI-powered digital document bloodhound, continues. In his latest adventure, Sherlock takes on the “Case of Florida’s Library Closure.”

In testing Merlin Integrated Search, we stumbled on a clue suggesting that a move was afoot to eliminate Florida’s state library system, turning it over to private hands. Would Governor Jeb Bush take such a step and make Florida the “laughingstock of library circles?”

Sherlock is on the case.

Sherlock and the Case of Florida’s Disappearing Drinking Water

Our mission is to find documents relating to the bottling of Florida’s spring water by mega companies like Nestle and Perrier. Some claim that these bottlers are depleting Florida’s natural springs, contributing to water shortages and causing sinkholes that swallow up homes.

The document request is simple enough: “Bottled Water–All documents concerning the extraction of water in Florida for bottling by commercial enterprises.” But how do we frame our keyword search?

Episode 17: Do Portable Models (Brains) Actually Work in TAR?

A number of TAR vendors are offering what they call “portable models” for different types of cases. The claim is that the models are already trained on your topics and therefore can find relevant documents with minimal training. Do these work? At what cost or security risk? Join us as we talk about Tom and Dr. J’s latest research on the strengths and weaknesses of these portable brains.

Sherlock and the Case of the Florida Ticket Scalpers

Our mission today is to track down emails discussing Florida’s plan to legalize ticket scalping. There was a bill before the Florida legislature that would soon head toward Governor Bush’s desk. Some supported it, others urged a veto. We need to find out who is pushing the Governor in either direction.

Using keyword search, we found a good email that included an article discussing the new bill to allow ticket resales. Rather than keep looking in our search results, we sent the document to Sherlock, asking our AI powered digital bloodhound to find more.

Episode 15: Legal TAR algorithm helps Canadian Health Authorities Track Coronavirus Research

Join the TAR Talk gang on the EDRM porch as we welcome Professor Maura Grossman to TAR Talk. She and Professor Gordon Cormack are leading experts in Technology Assisted Review and Continuous Active Learning®.

The Canadian government and its Health Department asked Grossman and Cormack to apply their algorithm to medical research on Covid 19. Why? Because they couldn’t find helpful information effectively using keyword search.

Tune in to learn how AI for legal document review proved to be the ticket for medical research in the pandemic era.

What is NewLaw?

NewLaw is about new technology fueling new and disruptive strategits. If you are a legal innovator, you may want to read the Merlin take on this important topic and see if you match up.

Merlin and Quointec release ARM Communications Advisor

Merlin Digital Magic and Quointec, a technology subsidiary of Actuate Law, jointly announced completion of the beta program of the ARM Communications Advisor and its general release to the FinTech market. The software was designed to help large-scale debt buyers manage accounts receivable collections in accordance with federal and state regulations. The platform merges legal advice from Actuate Law with the compliance workflow and hosting expertise of the Merlin Digital team. ARM Communications Advisor is hosted securely in the AWS cloud in a shared-nothing environment. This allows each client to control the security around and access to their data.

Here is more about the ARM Communications Advisor.

Unplugged: An interview with John Tredennick about life after Catalyst

Life After Catalyst Mary Mack,  the leader of EDRM,  interviews John Tredennick about  life after Catalyst. (ACEDs February 2019). Tune in for a fun broadcast. John Tredennick is the founder and CEO of Merlin Digital Magic, Prior to forming Merlin, he was the Founder and CEO of Catalyst Repository Systems and earlier was a trial lawyer …

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Poitraits of Technologists

Our CEO and Founder, John Tredennick was interviewed for a series on leading technologists by Cherwell Software in the fall of 2018. He talks about founding Catalyst and the role technology will play in the future.

Tredennick Featured in Creativity Article

Merlin CEO Tredennick Featured in Creativity Article Merlin Founder and Executive Director John Tredennick was featured in the March 13, 2020 edition of in an article called “Want to Excel in E-Discovery? Join a Band.” The article asked the question”Does creativity play a role in legal matters like e-discovery?” Tredennick, who is known for his creativity …

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