Cloud Utility Pricing

Reduce and control hosting charges through unique Cloud Utility Pricing.
Turn on the system when you need it. Turn it off when you don't.

Reduce Discovery Costs

Introducing Cloud Utility Pricing

With Cloud Utility Pricing, a benefit of single-tenant cloud architect, turn your site on in the morning when the team is ready to begin. And turn it off at the end of the day when work is finished, saving on hosting costs. Or schedule the site to operate only during business hours, automatically shutting itself off at night. Should the team need access after hours, turn it on (in minutes).

 Cloud Utility Pricing puts you in control of hosting costs, while allowing you to take the site offline for weeks or months when the matter is dormant, saving up to 70% in hosting costs. You non longer have to keep a site active until it’s needed again. 

Ultimately, you decide how and when to use our platform. 

Hourly Pricing

License Sherlock Integrated Search by the hour, paying one rate while the site is active and a reduced rate when you take it offline.

Hibernate Anytime

Hibernate your site during slow periods to reduce hosting costs until the matter heats up again. Pricing reduces when the site is offline.

Monthly License

Choose traditional monthly pricing with most services included and secure a discount by allowing the site to go offline during non-business hours.

Multi-Year Discounts

Garner further discounts with multi-year contracts, which are attractive when you want to manage multiple cases on a single set of server resources.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

Take control of your hosting costs with Cloud Utility Pricing.
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