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ChatGPT: Resources from our Articles and Webinars.

As the world of ChatGPT evolves, the Merlin team continues
to dive deep into its powerful features, functions and possibilities to better
understand what this exciting technology can do, how it works and how it may
impact the world in multiple ways.

A few weeks ago we had an opportunity to participate in
three EDRM webinars on ChatGPT,  the revolutionary new AI program released
by OpenAI at the end of last year.

At the request of some of our attendees, we have created
this page to share copies of our slides and recent articles about ChatGPT.
We are also adding links to the webinars themselves, for anyone who missed the
original programs.


In addition, we’ve written several popular articles on different aspects of  ChatGPT. The first two were published by American Lawyer Media earlier this year.

The Law.MIT Podcast

John Tredennick joined David Horrigan, Dazza Greenwood and Aron Ahmadia on this MIT podcast about the future of Large Language Models like GPT.  Listen to it here

ChatGPT 101: How do I Use it? And Why?

On April 13th, we presented a program for people new to ChatGPT and Large Language Models.  Here is a recording of the program:

You can download the slides for our program here

ChatGPT: Should Ediscovery Lawyers be Nervous?

We presented this program on Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 1 pm ET. You can watch it here: 

And here are copies of the slides from our program.

ChatGPT: Should We Halt AI Research? An Expert Panel Discussion.


On Wednesday, April 6, 2023, John Tredennick joined Dr. Maura Grossman and Dr. Jan Scholes to talk about the risks of powerful AI programs like Chat GPT and to ask whether Elon Musk and many others were right in seeking a moratorium on further research. 

John Tredennick is the CEO and founder of Merlin Search Technologies.

Dr. William Webber is the Chief Data Scientist of Merlin Search Technologies. 

More Resources

We authored two widely-read articles on using ChatGPT for American Lawyer Media earlier this year. 

Download them here:

What will ediscovery lawyers do after ChatGPT? 

Will ChatGPT Replace Ediscovery Review Teams?

This was a lively discussion with three different perspectives on the issue but we did not present slides. However you can see the petition sponsored by Elon Musk and hundreds of others  on behalf of the Future of Life Institute here.

Learn More About Merlin Search Technologies

We formed Merlin to integrate artificial intelligence algorithms like ChatGPT into our next-generation search platform. We call our platform Sherlock Integrated Search, the first search platform that seamlessly integrates keyword and algorithmic search.

Cloud Utility Pricing represents the first Green Computing Initiative for ediscovery.  You can learn more about this initiative and this money-saving pricing alternative in our EDRM webinar on Cloud Utility Pricing. It’s the first utility based pricing model for ediscovery. 

If you want to learn more about Merlin, our research on ChatGPT or our software, just reach out here: 

Thanks for reaching out!

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