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Using Generative AI to Revolutionize Investigations and Discovery Workflow: A Masterclass for Legal Innovators

Join us in London, October 10, for an in-person masterclass on how large language models (LLMs) like GPT and Claude 2 are transforming discovery workflows, substituting expensive manual workflow with machine learning. Seats are limited!

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Are Large Language Models Like GPT Secure? EDRM Webinar London

Delve into the question of whether Large Language Models are secure and if you risk a waiver of attorney-client or work-product privileges by uploading client data for analysis. Watch the recorded webinar.

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Using a Multi-LLM Platform for Investigations and Ediscovery: Smarter and Way More Cost-Effective

Why choose an ediscovery platform that can access GenAI products from multiple vendors for different tasks? Because it affords the flexibility to use the best, most cost-effective LLM for each task required. It’s a much smarter, more cost-effective way to go.

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Using Generative AI to Transform Investigations and Ediscovery Workflow – Thomson CLE Webinar

Watch the recorded CLE webinar to learn game-changing ways ChatGPT can streamline investigation and discovery efforts.

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How Much Do Large Language Models Like GPT Cost?

Are you considering using LLMs for ediscovery tasks? We did the research and the math. Read on to find out which GPT model is most cost effective for different jobs.

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Using Multi-LLM Systems for Investigations and Ediscovery: Fast, Flexible and Cost-Effective

Why should ediscovery platforms access generative AI products from multiple vendors? How does a particular LLM perform for a particular task, such as document summarization or synthesis? See how DiscoveryPartner does it.

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Are LLMs Like GPT Secure? Or Do I Risk Waiving Attorney-Client or Work-Product Privileges?

The elephant in the room: Are LLMs like GPT secure and are we risking confidentiality and privilege when we send client data to these AI platforms for analysis?

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Using LLMs to Analyze Deposition and Hearing Transcripts: Faster, Better and Cheaper (Everything, Everywhere, All at Once)

How do LLMs handle hearing and deposition transcripts? Check out our latest experiment with Claude 2.

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Too Busy to Read AI-Pocalypse: The Shocking Impact on Law Firm Profitability? Let GenAI Read It For You.

Is my firm in jeopardy because of the new AI? Speed read the three-part analysis.

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