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Merlin is developing game changing discovery software with AI and cloud technologies. We are passionate about the work we’re doing and regularly speak and write about  it. 

Take a look at Merlin in the news, our recent and upcoming webinars , events and podcasts, and insights on groundbreaking generative AI and GPT  innovation coming straight from the Merlin Lab.  

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Using LLMs to Analyze Deposition and Hearing Transcripts: Faster, Better and Cheaper (Everything, Everywhere, All at Once)

How do LLMs handle hearing and deposition transcripts? Check out our latest experiment with Claude 2.

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Too Busy to Read AI-Pocalypse: The Shocking Impact on Law Firm Profitability? Let GenAI Read It For You.

Is my firm in jeopardy because of the new AI? Speed read the three-part analysis.

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Using Generative AI to Revolutionize Investigations and Discovery Workflow: A Masterclass for Legal Innovators

Join us in London, October 10, for an in-person masterclass on how large language models (LLMs) like GPT and Claude 2 are transforming discovery workflows, substituting expensive manual workflow with machine learning. Seats are limited!

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Meet Your New Litigation Associate: ChatGPT

Imagine if your new litigation associate was not a person but ChatGPT. We put her to the test. Find out how she did.

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Merlin R&D: Harnessing Generative AI

As the world of generative AI evolves, we’re diving in deep to see what it can do for investigations and discovery. See our research and practical use cases, and meet B2, our internal generative AI platform in operation at the Merlin lab.

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ABA Legal Rebel John Tredennick speaks about How GPT and Other Large Language Models are Changing Ediscovery​ – Podcast

Podcast: Tredennick shares insights on ABA Journal’s Legal Rebels podcast on how GPT and other LLMs are changing ediscovery.

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Using GPT and Claude to Investigate TREC Topics Florida’s Summer 2012 Olympics Bid

Our newest article puts B2, Claude and GPT to work on a TREC topic.

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Tredennick Joins Distinguished Panel of Judges and Law Professors to Talk to Judges about GPT’s Future

Tredennick Joins Distinguished Panel of Judges and Law Professors to Talk to Judges about GPT’s Future.

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Using ChatGPT for Investigations and Discovery: From Search Hits to Discovery Answers – EDRM Webinar

John Tredennick and Dr. William Webber discuss real-life applications of using ChatGPT for investigations and discovery.

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