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Revolutionizing discovery workflow
with GenAI and cloud technologies.

Charting a New Path for Investigations and Discovery

Welcome to the front line of legal technology innovation. We’re not just adapting to the future; we’re creating it. Our dedication to pioneering investigations and discovery through Generative AI, machine learning, and advanced cloud solutions is reshaping the industry. Dive into our latest reports, advancements and exploratory work, from groundbreaking GenAI applications to our industry-leading initiatives in cloud and green computing.

Discover how Merlin Search Technologies is revolutionizing the investigation and discovery process, significantly enhancing efficiency, and reducing both the cost and time traditionally required. Our commitment to innovation not only streamlines legal workflows but also sets new benchmarks for sustainability in technology. 

Join us on our journey to redefine legal tech, making investigations more efficient, effective and much less expensive. Five Ways to Use ChatGPT for Investigations and Ediscovery

Take a look at our latest research on using ChatGPT for Investigations and Ediscovery. You…

The Future of Large Language Models—Law.MIT Podcast

John Tredennick discusses the future of Large Language Models like GPT.

Magic and Hallucinations? Considering ChatGPT in eDiscovery

Read an article from Complex Discovery about the ChatGPT 101 webinar hosted by EDRM.

Five Questions We Didn’t Get to Answer During ChatGPT 101 for EDRM

We had almost 200 attend our recent EDRM webinar and there were too many good…

ChatGPT 101: How Do I Use it? And Why?

John Tredennick and Dr. William Webber provide a fascinating introduction to ChatGPT and how it…

Webinar: ChatGPT: Should We Halt AI Research? An Expert Panel Discussion

John Tredennick talks about the risks of powerful AI programs like Chat GPT.

Merlin Announces Two New Partnerships

Merlin recently announced partnerships with Legality | Labs and Trace Forensic Experts.

Webinar: ChatGPT: Should Ediscovery Lawyers be Nervous?

Tredennick and Webber give a well-received webinar on the use of ChatGPT for ediscovery. Should…

Merlin Releases First Cloud Utility Pricing Program for Ediscovery Hosting

Cloud Utility Pricing allows clients to take control of hosting costs by turning their sites…

Case Study: Sherlock Finds Key Trial Documents in 220 Gigs of Emails—Right Before Trial

Learn how Sherlock processed a massive amount of data and uncovered 13 relevant documents in…

Webinar for West Legal Education Network: What Will Ediscovery Lawyers Do After ChatGPT?

Join Dr. William Webber and CEO John Tredennick for a fascinating look at ChatGPT's legal…

Merlin Named a 2023 Legal Technology Trailblazer

National Law Journal names Merlin a Legal Technology Trailblazer for Sherlock Integrated Search

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