Sherlock Integrated Search
Our new AI-powered search and discovery platform
makes finding documents faster, easier and less costly.

The Next Generation of Cloud Discovery!
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Taking Search and Discovery to the Next Level

Find it in the Blink of an Eye


We’re taking search and discovery to the next level, combining the familiarity of keywords with the speed and power of artificial intelligence.

It’s a new and better way to find information for investigations, ediscovery, early case assessment and more. 

Experience the next generation of search and discovery. 

Smarter Search

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Integrating keyword syntax with machine learning makes search smarter so you can find relevant information quickly and easily.
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Greater Security

Segregrate your data for hightened security
Our single-tenant architecture prevents data commingling and allows custom security options including hosting the site in your environment.
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Lower Costs

Use the On/Off switch to trigger savings
Cloud Utility Pricing™ means pay for what you need, when you need it, at a predictable price. Lower your hosting costs by taking the system offline.
Utility Pricing!

Making Search Smarter

Sherlock works like Pandora or Spotify, only when you click “Thumbs Up”  he finds great documents rather than great music. 

Sherlock is the world’s first digital document bloodhound, and the heart of our new search and discovery platform. In milliseconds, he analyzes the documents you select and finds others for review.

Fast and scalable

Sherlock can analyze and rank a million documents and return the most relevant ones in 100 milliseconds. Literally the blink of an eye. 


Just click Thumbs Up and let Sherlock quickly and effectively find documents to further your search, investigation, or review.

Sherlock eliminates the need to craft complex keyword searches. Instead, our smart, machine-learning algorithms key off your decisions, to find relevant documents faster, easier and at lower costs than has been possible  with keyword search syntax alone. 

Watch as Sherlock analyzes a single document and then finds other relevant documents in the blink-of-an-eye. Your thumbs-up or thumbs-down decisions keep him on track to identify additional relevant documents.

Keyword search is an inaccurate and inefficient way to find information in large document sets. Sherlock finds the right documents quickly and easily without mastering keyword search syntax. 

Making Sites More Secure

Unique Single-Tenant Architecture

Sherlock Integrated Search was purpose-built for the AWS Cloud.


Our clients insist on security, so we chose a single-tenant architecture that provides a range of customizable options for security, backup and disaster recovery. 

Each site resides in its own VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), using dedicated encryption keys to protect all data at-rest, and to make sure client data cannot accidentally be accessed by others. 

Customize security controls to meet HIPAA and GDPR requirements.


Size your site to your needs, quickly adding or removing servers as your requirements fluctuate.

Host your system anywhere in the world including privately in your own secure AWS environment. 

Single-Tenant Protects Your Data

Secure Your Data with Single-Tenant Architecture

Making Discovery Less Expensive

Cloud Utility Pricing: Pay for what you need when you need it.

Smarter Pricing

Cloud Utility Pricing is a paradigm shift.

Merlin’s cloud-native architecture is built to exploit the scale, elasticity and flexibility of the AWS cloud. It is the most advanced software delivery system available and supports a wide range of pricing options to fit your needs and your budget. 

We spin up sites quickly when you need them and take them offline when you don’t. We reduce hosting fees when the site is offline.

Pay one rate when you are actively using the system. Pay a reduced rate when the site is offline.

Turn it on in minutes when you are ready get going. 

Cloud Utility Pricing™ means you to pay for what you need, when you need it.

Ready to Move Beyond Keywords?

We’re taking search to the next level by integrating keywords with AI machine learning.
Contact us to see how we can help you move beyond the limitations of keyword search.
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