Sherlock Integrated Search
Integrating generative AI and advanced cloud technologies
to re-engineer search, investigations and discovery.

With cost-saving, On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing.
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A New Era in Discovery

Welcome to a new era in discovery, where AI is transforming how you can find, analyze and review information in large document collections–substantially reducing the work, time and costs of traditional discovery.

Merlin Search Technologies is a trailblazing AI and cloud technologies company taking you into this new era.

We’re the developers of Sherlock Integrated Search, the first AI-powered discovery platform that integrates algorithmic search and generative AI with a full-featured discovery platform.  Fast, feature-rich and simple to use, Sherlock Integrated Search makes finding relevant information faster, easier and more cost-effective. 

Sherlock Integrated Search is delivered via AWS cloud. We use single-tenant architecture for enhanced security, greater control and the ability to turn on and off sites for cost-effective Cloud Utility Pricing. Pay one hourly rate when your site is active and a substantially lower rate when you turn it off.  You save on hosting costs while supporting green computing. 


Find critical information
faster and easier with AI
We’re integrating advanced AI algorithms into our discovery platform to make it easier and less costly to find, analyze and review information in large document sets.
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Utility Pricing quickly reduces hosting costs
With our first-of-its-kind Cloud Utility Pricing, pay one hourly rate when you are using the site and a reduced rate when you don’t need to use it. Go Green and Save.
Utility Pricing!


Our single tenant VPCs
provide enhanced security
Virtual private clouds eliminate data commingling and support stronger, customizable security options including local hosting in your chosen AWS environment.
Why is that?

Introducing Sherlock Integrated Search

Welcome to Sherlock Integrated Search, next-generation software that seamlessly integrates algorithmic search, generative AI and advanced cloud technologies to help you find answers faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Full-Featured Discovery Platform

Sherlock Integrated Search offers processing, keyword search, algorithmic search, visual analytics, review workflow, production, metrics and reporting and full site and user management capabilities–all within an elegant and intuitive system. 

More Efficient Review 

Get access to your data almost immediately. Training takes just a few hours, and you don’t need certified masters, TAR experts or other specialists to get you going. And, eliminate review batching to start. With dynamic review workflow with technology-assisted queuing to cluster batching , review can begin hours of your site going live. 

Built for AI and the Cloud 

Sherlock was architected from the ground up to take advantage of AI and the features offered exclusively by cloud technology. Using the latest software code, languages and frameworks means your sites are lightening fast. At the same time, we designed Sherlock with an eye towards robust features that are simple to use, from initial search to analysis, review and production.  The latest technologies means you get new features faster, unencumbered by older software and outdated code. 

For Any Type of Matter

Our platform’s speed, simplicity and scalability make it ideal for time-sensitive internal investigations and ECA to litigation, regulatory and government investigations, third-party subpoenas,  Freedom of Information Act requests and virtually any other large data set analysis.  

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Meet Sherlock, Your AI Partner

Meet Sherlock AI, the machine learning engine powering our platform. With remarkable speed and scalability, Sherlock can analyze and rank a million documents in just 100 milliseconds.  

Say goodbye to complex keyword searches. Sherlock learns from your judgments,  finding relevant documents in less time and lower cost than keyword search.

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Cloud Utility Savings

Cloud Utility Pricing offers unprecedented control over hosting expenses, presenting an hourly–versus monthly– cost model that is efficient and user-friendly. You have complete control over your site’s operating hours, saving every time you turn your site off. 

Turn Sites On and Off with a Click: With a simple click, you can deactivate your site. It will shut down in minutes, reducing hourly hosting costs by up to 70%. In just minutes, restore your site when needed. 

Schedule Site Operating Hours: Define site operating hours to align with your work needs, ensuring it’s active when needed and dormant when not.

Activate Our Site Energy Saver: Automatically deactivate your site after a set period of inactivity, conserving resources and reducing costs.

YConsidering that most sites are active for only a fraction of the month, hourly pricing offers a smarter alternative.

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Single-Tenant Architecture

Merlin is unique in offering single-tenant architecture. Why did we choose single-tenant versus the more typical multi-tenant environment for discovery hosting? 

Unparalleled Security: Every site resides in its own VPC. No shared computing resources and no risk of data exposure. 

Customized Site Control: Control your site, from On/Off scheduling,  server size, and additional security measures to enhanced access restrictions or individual monitoring.

Flexible Scalability: Swiftly add or drop servers, scaling in lockstep with your business requirements.

Global Accessibility: Position your site anywhere in the world, even in your own secure AWS environment or a government FedRAMP environment.  

Cost and Operational Alignment: By turning matters on and off at will, you align your costs with your operational needs of the site.  

Data Privacy Compliance: Protect your sensitive data to meet GDRP, CCPA, CFPB and other regulations governing data. 

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In single-tenant environments, each matter is protected by its own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). 

In multi-tenant cloud environments, client data is commingled and a data breach affects all sites. – MOVE to above multi-tenant image, make both images a hair larger.

GPT Innovation

The Merlin team is constantly devising new and innovative ways our users can take advantage of generative AI systems like GPT to reengineer discovery workflows, dramatically improving efficiency and cost effectiveness.  

We’ve developed B2, an internal system created in the Merlin Lab to explore how to best integrate the analytical power of GPT-4 into discovery workflows. Using an integrated system like B2 helps legal and investigative teams automate activities such as synthesizing information and summarizing  documents, answering key questions and creating investigation reports. 

Merlin Lab Innovation 

Green Computing

Reduce energy consumption and shrink your carbon footprint by powering off sites when not needed. Set up the site scheduler or let Sherlock’s automated Site Energy Saver shut off your site whenever it’s idle.  Curb emissions and help meet your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. 

Merlin is excited to be the first discovery software company supporting green computing. 

News and Insights

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Delve into the question of whether Large Language Models are secure and if you risk a waiver of attorney-client or work-product privileges by uploading.
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