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Introduction to Merlin Search Technologies

We created this page to provide links to materials prepared for prospective investors in Merlin Search Technologies, Inc.  The materials are for the limited purpose of sharing information for prospective investors and are not for general distribution of the general public. 

Here is an introductory slide deck, appendix and brochure about Merlin and our  DiscoveryPartner platform. 

  1.  Introduction to Merlin Search Technologies for Potential Investors
  2.  Appendix to Merlin Introduction
  3.  Introductory brochure
And two quick videos to give you an idea of the speed and scalability of Sherlock AI, our machine learning algorithm.

We formed Merlin to integrate artificial intelligence algorithms like ChatGPT into our next-generation search platform. We call our platform  DiscoveryPartner, the first search platform that seamlessly integrates keyword and algorithmic search.

More About Cloud Utility Pricing

We are ushering in a new era for cloud hosting with our unique On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing program. It was made possible by our decision to build the  DiscoveryPartner platform using a single-tenant architecture. And by our efforts to automate building up the platform from scratch and then tearing it back down, which led to our ability to turn the site off with a click and back on again in minutes. We also added a site scheduler and a site energy saver, which automatically turns off the site when people are not using it (for added savings and resource conservation).

Cloud Utility Pricing represents the first Green Computing Initiative for ediscovery.  It’s the first utility based pricing model for ediscovery.  

Our Work Integrating ChatGPT (and Large Language Models)

 We are currently integrating GPT (or a similar LLM) into DiscoveryPartner platform. You can check out our recent articles and webinars here:

The Law.MIT Podcast

John Tredennick joined David Horrigan, Dazza Greenwood and Aron Ahmadia on this MIT podcast about the future of Large Language Models like GPT.  Listen to it here

ChatGPT 101: How do I Use it? And Why?

On April 13th, we presented a program for people new to ChatGPT and Large Language Models.  Here is a recording of the program:

ChatGPT: Should Ediscovery Lawyers be Nervous?

We presented this program on Wednesday, March 29, 2023 at 1 pm ET. You can watch it here: 

And here are copies of the slides from our program.

To Learn More . . .

If you want to learn more, reach out to:

John Tredennick
CEO and Founder
Merlin Search Technologies, Inc.

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