Automate compliance workflow, review documents and reduce costly mistakes.

Compliance Workflow

Our clients are legal innovators who are driven by the need to streamline workflows, reduce errors and automate repetitive tasks. They seek to drive down compliance costs and increase accuracy by relying on software automation rather than manual processes.

Our lead compliance product, Merlin Comply, is an API-driven, automated workflow platform designed to help clients meet regulatory obligations while reducing or eliminating costly mistakes. Built as a series of reusable components, Merlin Comply can be customized to your specific workflow needs. 

Merlin Comply™

We designed Merlin Comply to manage document review by legal professionals across offices, organizations and oceans.

Merlin Comply can be customized to meet a variety of workflow requirements, and we are happy to add modules to fit your needs. We start with five core elements, including:

The Merlin Compliance Platform

Built on a cloud-native architecture, Comply can be tailored to operate 24/7, to run only during business hours, or spun down when not in use to save on operating costs. The application and its underlying data can be stored and managed securely in any of the AWS regions located around the world.

We can customize Comply to fit most compliance and legal process needs and provision it for speed and redundancy.
After all, we have built more than a dozen of these systems for some of the largest companies and law firms in the world.

How Can I Use It?

Use Merlin Comply for almost everything that involves people, paper and work processes, particularly when the team works across offices, organizations and oceans.

The only limit is your imagination and  recognition of the breadth of work processes that can be improved through automation and centralization.



ARM Communications Advisor

Situation:  A leading national law firm, Actuate Law LLC, asked us to build a system their clients could use to keep up with the latest federal, state and local regulations for debt collection, and allow them to audit their agencies’ collection efforts across the country. Working closely with the firm and its lead client, we built the ARM Communications Advisor.

Problem:  Accounts receivable managers manage billions in overdue accounts across the U.S. and face such challenges as:

  • Complex regulations by federal, state and local authorities
  • Manual and error-prone traditional collection processes and
  • No easy way to get the latest updates on law and regulatory changes.

Facing substantial liability for violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, collection companies needed a faster, more consistent way to track regulatory changes across the 50 states and to audit service providers to catch problems before they became serious problems.

Solution: ARM Communications Advisor

ARM Dashboard

Results:  Working with Actuate Law, we built the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Communications Advisor. It integrates legal advice and rule-based alerts into a search and review platform for fair debt collections practice auditing. By subscribing to this next-generation compliance system, Actuate’s FinTech clients can rest easy knowing their collection agencies are following the latest federal, state and local laws. To add further comfort, they can easily demonstrate this to upstream clients (original debt holders) and to government regulators through regular audit reports.

More Case Studies

Read some of our other case studies to get a better idea of the length and breadth of our experience in building compliance applications.

In 2003, we built a system to allow AIG’s reinsurers to request and review insurance files online for due diligence purposes.

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We built a system to manage the legal review of marketing collateral for the largest timeshare company in the world. 

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Our system allowed our real estate insurer (the largest in the world) to offer and manage claims for environmental coverage across the U.S.

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Our insurance client used this system to manage thousands of legal claims and appeals. The system allowed professional teams to collaborate on legal strategy and decision making. 

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This system allowed our client to manage analysis of its largest insurance claims (excess claims) and to set reserve limits, with a workflow from the adjuster, through a series of managers, to the CEO. 

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Built in the 1990s, this system allowed a national grocery chain to manage its labor claims, cases and dockets. 

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