A revolutionary new search platform for investigations, discovery and compliance.

Search Smarter

Merlin Integrated Search (IS) is a revolutionary new search platform for investigations, discovery and compliance. It is the first to offer keyword and investigative search in a single, integrated system. And, the first to introduce Sherlock, our AI-Powered digital document bloodhound. 

Merlin IS covers the heart of the EDRM, from ingestion and processing through search, analytics, review and production. We offer speed, scalability, true cloud pricing, and the option to host your data securely anywhere in the world. Add to that the most intuitive user interface on the market and we have something to talk about. 

Merlin IS is a fifth-generation product, designed by a team with two decades’ experience creating award-winning search and review platforms. We built Merlin IS from the ground up to take advantage of the unique capabilities offered by the cloud and using the newest AI, search, database technology and programming languages available. You get speed, flexibility, functionality and control along with amazing prices.

Merlin IS: Beta Version

We started our beta testing program on March 25, 2021 with a number of legal and search technology professionals.  Let us know if you are interested in seeing a working demo or being one of the first to see the future of search.

An Early Look at the Merlin IS Beta

The first version of Merlin Integrated Search is nearing completion. Here is an early look at what we have cooking:

Meet Sherlock

Sherlock is the world’s first AI-powered digital bloodhound. It analyzes documents you have seen and then finds other relevant ones to further your investigation, eliminating the need to craft complicated keyword searches. Instead, it uses a smart algorithm to fetch relevant documents faster, and at a lower cost than traditional keyword search. Sherlock acts like a magnet, quickly tracking down relevant documents as you click “thumbs up” and “thumbs down.” 

See Sherlock in Action

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Merlin IS Features

  • Automated setup, user management
  • Document upload and processing
  • Keyword and algorithmic search
  • Review, tagging and foldering
  • Reports, exports and productions

True Cloud Pricing

Our cloud-native architecture allows us to offer you a range of pricing options to fit your needs and your budget. Pay for our systems by the day, week or month if that best fits your needs. Or secure deeper discounts by reserving resources for a year or longer.

We offer the freedom and flexibility to decide how and when you want to consume our software. Size your system to meet your needs, large or small. Use it for the period you need, long or short. And use the resources as you need them, moving matters on or off the platform at any time. That’s the magic of the cloud.

Ready to Believe?

Software is the magic of the Twenty-First Century. Contact us to learn more about our digital magic.
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