A revolutionary new search platform for
investigations, discovery and compliance.

Making Search Smarter

Merlin Integrated Search (IS) is a revolutionary new search analytics and review platform for investigations, discovery and other information retrieval needs. It is the first to offer keyword and algorithmic search in a single, integrated system. And, the first to introduce Sherlock, our AI-Powered digital document bloodhound. 

Merlin IS covers the heart of the discovery lifecycle, from ingestion and processing through search, analytics, review and production. We offer speed, scalability, utility pricing and the option to host your data securely anywhere in the world. Add to that the most intuitive user interface on the market and, well, you get the idea. 

Merlin IS is a fifth-generation product, designed by a team with two decades’ experience creating award-winning search, analytics and review platforms. We built this amazing product from the ground up to take advantage of the latest software code, the newest user interface frameworks and the most powerful machine learning algorithm ever. 

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Merlin IS Features

Powered by Sherlock

Sherlock is our smart, machine-learning  algorithm that helps you find information in large document populations. It works in tandem with keyword searches to identify relevant documents, much like Pandora Internet Radio helps find new music. 

Sherlock’s strength is its speed and scalability. It can analyze and rank a million documents in 100 milliseconds and then deliver them in order of likely relevance. Indeed, it can analyze and rank 10 million documents a second and there are no practical limits to further scalability. 

It works as easily as it looks. Find a starting document through keyword search or any other means available. Send it to Sherlock and our unique algorithm will quickly find more for your review. Mark them Thumbs Up to tell Sherlock he is on the track. Or Thumbs Down if he is off the track. You can also start with multiple files from a search or a folder. Simply select and send them to Sherlock. 

“In a high stakes regulatory matter, we learned more about our documents in a few days than in months with another vendor. Merlin Integrated Search is excellent, saving time for counsel and costs for clients."

"We can’t wait to do more with it!”
“Finding key evidence is critical in criminal investigations. No other software programs can find the smoking gun faster than Sherlock. You have to use it to fully understand just how magical algorithmic search is."

"This dog can really hunt!"

See Sherlock in Action!

Watch these videos to see Sherlock in action. The videos are all based on a collection of nearly two million emails from Jeb Bush’s two terms as governor of Florida in the early 2000s. Governor Bush made these documents public, and a portion were used at the NIST Text Retrieval Conferences (TREC). They cover a wide range of topics and create an ideal environment to see Sherlock in action.

In this introduction to Sherlock, we start with one document related to efforts to protect manatees in Florida and send it to Sherlock. Sherlock then analyzes the approximately two million documents on the site to find more.  Watch how quickly Sherlock finds helpful documents.

This second video shows you the full extent of our integrated search platform. Start with Freeform Search (no keyword syntax required) and the move on to find a good starting set of documents. From there, send the starting set right to Sherlock. From start to finish in seconds.

Search 2.0: Integrating Keyword and Algorithmic Search

Merlin is the first  search and discovery platform to integrate keyword and algorithmic search into one seamless experience. Take a quick walk through the platform.  

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