Sherlock Integrated Search
Our AI-powered search and discovery platform
integrates keyword and algorithmic search to make
finding relevant documents faster, easier and less costly.

Cloud Native: Turn it on when you need it, off when you don’t!
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Next Generation Discovery

We’re taking discovery to the next level, combining the familiarity of keywords with the speed and power of artificial intelligence. And delivering it from a cloud-native platform that provides stronger security and lets you control hosting costs.

It’s a new, better and less costly way to search large document populations and to find information for investigations, ediscovery,  and early case assessment.

Sherlock: The First AI-Powered Search and Discovery Platform Built for the Cloud!

Smarter Search

Sherlock’s algorithms act like a document magnet.
We’ve integrated keywords and machine learning algorithms to make search smarter so you can quickly and easily find relevant documents in large document sets.
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Greater Security

Each site secured in its own virtual private cloud.
Virtual private clouds eliminate data commingling and support stronger, customizable security options including local hosting in your chosen AWS environment.
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Lower Costs

Control hosting charges
by turning off your site.
With our first-of-its-kind Cloud Utility Pricing, pay one hourly rate when you are using the site and a reduced rate when you don’t need to use it. Go Green and Save.
Utility Pricing!

Making Search Smarter

Sherlock works like Pandora or Spotify, only when you click “Thumbs Up”  he finds great documents rather than great music. 

Sherlock is the world’s first AI-powered digital document bloodhound and the heart of our new search and discovery platform. Send one or more documents to Sherlock and he will instantly find others for review.

Fast and Scalable

Sherlock can analyze and rank a million documents in 100 milliseconds, literally the blink of an eye. He can rank ten million in less than a second, and is optimized to handle over 200 million documents on a single server.

Dead Simple

Just click “Thumbs Up” or “Thumbs Down” and let Sherlock do the rest, quickly and effectively finding documents to further your search, investigation or review. 

Sherlock eliminates the need to craft complex keyword searches. Instead, our smart, machine-learning algorithms key off your decisions, finding relevant documents faster, easier and at lower costs than would otherwise be possible using  keyword search syntax alone.  Its a smarter way to find relevant documents. 

Watch as Sherlock analyzes a single document and then finds other relevant documents in the blink-of-an-eye. “Thumbs-up”or “thumbs-down” keeps him on track to identify more relevant documents.

Keyword search is one of the worst ways to find information in large document populations. Sherlock allows you to find documents quickly and easily, without mastering keyword search syntax. 

Making Sites Safer

Our unique single-tenant architecture better secures  your documents and data and allows us to host sites anywhere in the world, 

Sherlock Integrated Search was purpose-built for the AWS Cloud.


Our clients insist on security, so we chose a single-tenant architecture that provides a range of customizable options for security, backup and disaster recovery. 

Each site resides in its own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)with a separate encryption key protecting data from unauthorized access launched internally or externally.


Size each site to your needs. We can quickly add servers for review periods and remove then afterwords. 

Host your system anywhere in the world including in your own secure AWS environment. 

Customize site configuration and hosting localality to meet HIPAA, GDPR and other privacy requirements.

Take Control with Single-Tenant Security

Secure Your Data with Single-Tenant Architecture

Reducing Hosting Costs

Cloud Utility Pricing™  Changes Ediscovery Licensing

Our single-tenant architecture allows us to offer a unique Cloud Utility Pricing  model that will save substantial amounts on hosting fees. 

On/Off Pricing

Pay one rate when you are using the site. Pay another, much lower rate, when you are not. The savings can be substantial.

  • Turn sites on when you need them and off when you don’t.
  • Run sites on a schedule, setting your own operating hours.
  • Use Cloud Watcher to turn sites off when not in use. 

Bring your site online in minutes–about the time it takes to get a cup of coffee. 

Green Computing

We are proud to pioneer the first green computing initiative in our industry. Turning sites off conserves computing resources, reducing the demand for carbon-producing electricity. Save on hosting fees while doing something good for the planet.

Save on hosting costs with Cloud Utility Pricing!

News and Insights

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Delve into the question of whether Large Language Models are secure and if you risk a waiver of attorney-client or work-product privileges by uploading.
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Ready to Move Beyond Keywords?

We’re taking search to the next level by integrating keywords with AI machine learning.
Contact us to see how we can help you move beyond the limitations of keyword search.
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