Our Story (H1)

Our team has been building advanced AI and cloud technologies for more than two decades.
This time we've taken things to a whole new level.

Pioneering AI-Powered Discovery (H2)

Merlin Search Technologies is a pioneering AI and cloud technologies software company founded in 2019. Our discovery software harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize discovery. We deliver our software via the cloud using unique single-tenant architecture for enhanced security and the industry’s first On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing to reduce hosting costs.

Our goal was to integrate machine learning with traditional keyword search to make finding relevant documents in unstructured data sets easier, more efficient and cost effective, while delivery greater security and lower costs.

The result is Sherlock Integrated Search, the first software to seamlessly integrate keyword and algorithmic search in a full-featured search, investigation and review platform. And the first to deliver it in a highly-secure, single-tenant environment with unique Cloud Utility Pricing. 

While Merlin is relatively new, our team is not. We’ve been working in this space for more than two decades, building, hosting and supporting the leading multi-language ediscovery software platform used by world-renowned corporations and law firms.

The Early Days (H2)

In the early 1990s, John Tredennick, a trial lawyer and longtime partner at a national law firm, became convinced that Internet software could help make trial lawyers better manage digital information and meet the increasingly complex requirements for this new field called “ediscovery.” Lacking good solutions in the marketplace, he created his own team at the firm and began developing a web-based litigation system designed to streamline the process for the firm and its clients. Over the years, other law firms began asking to use the system.

In 2000, John and his law firm created Catalyst Repository Systems, a pioneering ediscovery technology company. Over the next several decades, Catalyst grew to more than 160 people with offices and data centers around the world, including the U.S., Tokyo, Hong Kong and Seoul. The company served many of the largest companies and law firms in the world.

At Catalyst, John and his team introduced the first continuous active learning algorithm (CAL) for technology-assisted review in 2012, setting a new industry standard known as TAR 2.0. The company also led the move to multi-language discovery, with a focus on the challenging Asian languages.

The Birth of Merlin (H3)

Fast forward to 2019, when Catalyst was sold to an international, publicly-traded technology company. Convinced that discovery could be easier, more cost effective and affordable with advancements in AI and cloud technologies (and not yet ready to retire), John founded Merlin Search Technologies. Senior engineers from John’s former team, a top international data scientist (who had worked with John), his former CFP and the Vice President, Litigation and Legal Operations from a former fintech client, joined to help build out and implement the company’s vision. In 2023, Merlin launched Sherlock Integrated Search, a full-featured discovery platform that carried out the vision to integrate algorithmic search with keywords, provide enhanced security and savings with On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing through unique single-tenant architecture and offer the first green computing initiative in the industry.
A New Era in Discovery (H4)
Sherlock leads the pack with the fastest and most scalable machine-learning algorithm. Yet, we believe in pushing boundaries! We are investing heavily in R&D to incorporate powerful large language models (LLMs), such as GPT, directly into our platform. As demonstrated in our research and international webinars, LLMs will empower Sherlock to construct more effective keyword searches, identify, analyze, and summarize pertinent documents, produce investigation reports, and even substitute human input for first-pass review. LLMs also promise to revolutionize our interaction with unstructured data, from email and Microsoft Office documents to social media, text, chat, and even deposition and trial transcripts. Take a look at our research and webinars to get a glimpse of the evolving future of search and analytics.
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