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  1. Sedona Program for IPRO Legal Technology Conference. Project organizer and speaker for the three-program series held on April 30, 2019 in Phoenix AZ.
    • Session 1: Legal Holds for Collections and Preservation

    • Session 2: GDPR, CCPA and More: Round-up of State Federal and International Privacy Rules

    • Session 3: Social Media and Mobile Devices – Updated Guidance on Preservation, Processing, and Producing Obligations

  2. Conference: Sedona Conference WG1 Meeting (May 2-3, 2019, Charlotte NC).

  3. Lecture: Federal Judicial Training Session at Duke Law School on AI and Technology Assisted Review June 2019).

  4. TAR Talk: A conversation with Magistrate Peck, April 26, 2019.

  5. TAR Talk: The New EDRM Guidelines: What’s Good and What’s Not So Good? The TAR Talk Take, February 21, 2019
    After two years of work, Duke Law and EDRM recently published the TAR Guidelines. In this live podcast, we give you the TAR Talk take with the good and the not so good. Join us for a fun discussion.

  6. New Guidelines for Managing Legal Holds: A Primer on the Law, New Guidelines and Best Practices. John Tredennick leads this webinar. Watch the Webinar.
    Fourteen years ago, Judge Shira Scheindlin announced in Zubulake v. UBS Warburg that companies have a duty to preserve relevant data from the time they reasonably anticipate that a claim will be made.
    Since then, legal departments have struggled with managing legal holds and preserving evidence from hundreds or thousands of custodians over time spans that could last for years. A poorly executed hold can result in business disruption, unnecessary costs and spoliation.

  7. TAR for Smart People: How Technology Assisted Review Works and Why it Matters. (Third Edition) by John Tredennick. Download a copy.
    An Advanced Primer on the Cost and Time Saving Benefits of Continuous Active Learning and TAR 2.0.

  8. TAR Talk: Can You Do Good TAR with a Bad Algorithm? November 27, 2018.

    Should proportionality arguments allow producing parties to get away with poor productions—simply because they wasted a lot of effort due to an extremely bad algorithm? Dr. Bill Dimm, founder and CEO of Hot Neuron (the maker of Clustify software) joins our hosts to discuss whether one can do “good” TAR with a bad algorithm.

  9. Are People the Weakest Link in Technology Assisted Review? Not Really. Article by John Tredennick and Daniel Gold. November 19, 2018. Read the article.

  10. Using TAR for Asian Language Discovery. Article by John Tredennick and David Sannar. October 29, 2018. Read the article.

  11. How Not to Mess Up a Litigation Hold: John Tredennick leads this webinar. Watch the Webinar.
    Things can get tricky when it comes to effectively overseeing the legal hold process. There are many moving parts and people involved, and a poorly executed hold can result in spoliation, business disruption and unnecessary costs to your company. Here’s just one recent misstep: On July 17th, the SEC announced that it had censored BGC Financial and imposed a $1.25 million penalty to settle charges that it had failed to preserve evidence sought by the SEC. The company’s misstep? The SEC found that BGC had deleted relevant audio files. What could BGC have done differently? Watch this video below on legal hold best practices (aka, how not to mess up a hold).

  12. Five Key Principles for Discovery Budgeting and Cost Control. John Tredennick leads this webinar. Watch it.
    Smart general counsel realize that to be successful, they must manage their departments as a business unit. Many are bringing in legal operations professionals to work side-by-side with the lawyers, with the goal of controlling costs and becoming more efficient—while providing top-shelf legal advice.

  13. TAR Talk: Is “Backing up the Trucks” Still a Legitimate Strategy in the TAR Era? October 23, 2018.

    John Tredennick and Tom Gricks review a recent decision In Re Domestic Airline Travel Antitrust Litigation, 2018 WL 4441507 (D.D.C. Sept. 13, 2018), a multidistrict class action litigation. Was the plaintiff’s side forced to review non-relevant documents (a document dump) or was it human error?

Yet Even More Programs and Articles
Yet Even More Programs and Articles
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