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There is a lot of excitement around Merlin as we work on our special form of magic. We are passionate about the work we do and like to tell people about it. Here’s the latest:

Sherlock and the Case of the Voting Felons

Our mission today concerns the disenfranchisement of Florida Felons. Specifically, our job is to find documents concerning the right of felons to vote in Florida and the reinstatement of voting rights.

Can Sherlock help us find relevant documents? Tune in to find out.

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Episode 17: Do Portable Models (Brains) Actually Work in TAR?

A number of TAR vendors are offering what they call “portable models” for different types of cases. The claim is that the models are already trained on your topics and therefore can find relevant documents with minimal training. Do these work? At what cost or security risk? Join us as we talk about Tom and Dr. J’s latest research on the strengths and weaknesses of these portable brains.

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Sherlock and the Case of Havana Club

Bacardi is in a battle with Cuba and Pernod over trademark rights to the popular rum known as Havana Club. We think Bacardi is trying to get Governor Bush to put pressure on the PTO. Can Sherlock find the proof we need?

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Sherlock and the Case of the Misspelled Havanna Club

Sherlock is on the case finding documents about the dispute over the Havana Club trademark. But he noticed that at least one person misspelled Havana giving it two n’s. Can Sherlock still use these documents to find others about the trademark dispute? Watch and see.

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