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We are active in the legal and technology communities, speaking, listening, writing and learning. Here is a rundown on what's happening at Merlin.

These are exciting times for search technology.

The Latest from Merlin

There is a lot of excitement around Merlin as we work on our special form of magic. We are passionate about the work we do and like to tell people about it. Here’s the latest:

What is Search 2.0

In this video, CEO John Tredennick provides an introduction to the next generation of search, which we call Search 2.0.

What is Search 2.0? In simple terms, it is the seamless integration of keyword and algorithmic search in a single platform.

What is algorithmic search? It is the use of a smart algorithm like Sherlock® to help find relevant documents. Think of Sherlock as Pandora for finding great documents (rather than great music).

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Sherlock in Sixty Seconds

This is a quick introduction to Sherlock, the first AI-powered digital document bloodhound.

In this case we are looking for documents relating to whether taxpayers should subsidize sports stadiums in Florida. We have collected 1.9 million emails from Governor Jeb Bush’s two terms as governor of Florida.

Can Sherlock help find documents relevant to our investigation? Watch this short introduction to Sherlock and see for yourself.

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Sherlock and the Case of the Looming Climate Crisis

Sherlock’s mission today is to find documents relating to the debate over global warming and climate change and to help determine Governor Bush’s position on the subject.

The problem is that many of the documents Sherlock finds are similar in content and language. Traditional document reviewers have to go document by document to find relevant information. Sherlock has a better way. Watch has he brings back 50 documents at a time, clusters them by similar content and allows reviewers to intelligently tag clusters with a single click. Can we review 50 documents in 5 rather than 50 minutes?

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Episode 18: David Lewis Visits our Virtual Porch

In this episode we get a chance to visit with Dave Lewis, Executive Vice President of Reveal – Brainspace – AI. We speak with Dave about his journey in the science of information retrieval, his early work with TAR and then dive into his paper, “On Minimizing Cost in Legal Document Review Workflows.”

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Sherlock and the Case of Florida’s Library Closure

The saga of Sherlock, the first AI-powered digital document bloodhound, continues. In his latest adventure, Sherlock takes on the “Case of Florida’s Library Closure.”

In testing Merlin Integrated Search, we stumbled on a clue suggesting that a move was afoot to eliminate Florida’s state library system, turning it over to private hands. Would Governor Jeb Bush take such a step and make Florida the “laughingstock of library circles?”

Sherlock is on the case.

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Sherlock and the Case of Florida’s Disappearing Drinking Water

Our mission is to find documents relating to the bottling of Florida’s spring water by mega companies like Nestle and Perrier. Some claim that these bottlers are depleting Florida’s natural springs, contributing to water shortages and causing sinkholes that swallow up homes.

The document request is simple enough: “Bottled Water–All documents concerning the extraction of water in Florida for bottling by commercial enterprises.” But how do we frame our keyword search?

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