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There is a lot of excitement around Merlin as we work on our special form of magic. We are passionate about the work we do and like to tell people about it. Here’s the latest:

Episode 15: Legal TAR algorithm helps Canadian Health Authorities Track Coronavirus Research

Join the TAR Talk gang on the EDRM porch as we welcome Professor Maura Grossman to TAR Talk. She and Professor Gordon Cormack are leading experts in Technology Assisted Review and Continuous Active Learning®.

The Canadian government and its Health Department asked Grossman and Cormack to apply their algorithm to medical research on Covid 19. Why? Because they couldn’t find helpful information effectively using keyword search.

Tune in to learn how AI for legal document review proved to be the ticket for medical research in the pandemic era.

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Microsoft Launches New Website to Feature Its Open Source Projects

Microsoft Launches New Open Source Website Whenever I have been asked to talk about open source software, I would always compare Linux, the free, open source operating system used for most Internet servers, to Microsoft Windows, the operating system used by most business users. Linux represented the revolutionary new way to develop software. Windows represented

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What is NewLaw?

NewLaw is about new technology fueling new and disruptive strategits. If you are a legal innovator, you may want to read the Merlin take on this important topic and see if you match up.

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Episode 14: AI, Machine Learning and the Future of Law

Your favorite TAR Talk boys are back with a new episode, and a new regular on the porch–Dr. Jeremy Pickens. Join us (but keep your social distance) on our virtual rockers as we talk about AI, Machine Learning, and the future of AI in legal.
Don’t miss this next episode of Tar Talk on August 12, 2020 at 2 PM ET

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Merlin and Quointec release ARM Communications Advisor

Denver CO—Merlin Digital Magic and Quointec, a technology subsidiary of Actuate Law, jointly announced completion of the beta program of the ARM Communications Advisor and its general release to the FinTech market. The software was designed to help large-scale debt buyers manage accounts receivable collections in accordance with federal and state regulations.  The platform merges legal advice from

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Unplugged: An interview with John Tredennick about life after Catalyst

Life After Catalyst Mary Mack,  the leader of EDRM,  interviews John Tredennick about  life after Catalyst. (ACEDs February 2019). Tune in for a fun broadcast. John Tredennick is the founder and CEO of Merlin Digital Magic, Prior to forming Merlin, he was the Founder and CEO of Catalyst Repository Systems and earlier was a trial lawyer

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