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At Merlin, we love teaching and writing on legal and compliance topics. Our founder has been blessed with the opportunity to speak in five of  the seven continents and to write more books and articles than he ever imagined.  Here are some of the latest contributions. 

NYSBA CLE on Using AI for Litigation and Investigations: In September 2022, John Tredennick joined a panel of judges and trial lawyers to discuss the AI revolution and its impact on litigation and legal technology. Read more here

Zero Trust Networks: A New Approach to Security in the WFH (hoe) and WFC (cloud) Era. In the Fall of 2022, EDRM and then JD Supra published Tredennick’s article on advanced cloud security. Read more here. 

Sedona Commentary on Managing International Legal Holds: John Tredennick was on the drafting team for the new guide to international legal holds. Read more here

EDRM Guidelines for Ediscovery Processing: On February 2, 2022,  the international ediscovery standards group EDRM published the  Guidelines for Ediscovery Processing. John Tredennick and Craig Ball were the editors and drafting team leaders. The Guidelines can be found here. 

Legal Solutions Conference: John Tredennick attended the Legal Solutions Conference in Newport Beach California (11/1/2021) to demonstrate Merlin’s flagship platform, Merlin Integrated Search.  This marks a welcome return to live conferences.  View the Merlin IS brochure

TAR Talk: Tune in for the latest TAR Talk podcast (9/21/21) where John Tredennick, Tom Gricks and Dr. Jeremy Pickens speak with David Lewis regarding his research to determine which TAR protocol is the most effective and for which types of cases. 

TAR TalkTune in for the latest TAR Talk podcast (7/25/21) where John Tredennick, Tom Gricks and Dr. Jeremy Pickens talk about the pros and cons of using portable models (brains) for technology assisted review.  

Sedona WG1 Annual Meeting: John Tredennick will be attending the Sedona WG1 annual meeting in Cleveland on October 19-21. He recently was a drafting team co-leader for the updated Sedona Guidelines for Legal Hold

Sedona Conference WG6: John Tredennick actively participated in the drafting team for the soon to be released for public comment, Guidelines for International Legal Holds. This project has been active since January 2019.

Innovation Conference NYC: Merlin CEO John Tredennick joined Martin Tully of Actuate Law to speak about their new ARM Communications Advisor, which is a joint venture project between Merlin and Actuate’s technology  subsidiary Quointec, at the 5th Annual Conference: New Law: Disruption & Innovation in the Delivery of Legal Services held on Tuesday September 17, 2019 at the The HSBC Conference Center, 452 Fifth Avenue (at 40th Street), New York City. 

PREX: Merlin CEO John Tredennick spoke on the Sedona Conference’s new legal holds guidelines at the Chicago PREX conference on Wednesday, September 18, 2019.

The Sedona Conference Commentary on Legal Holds, Second Edition, The Trigger and the Process, June 2019. John Tredennick was a co-leader of the drafting team on this project. Get this important guide here.

TAR Talk: Join us for the latest episode, with Tom Gricks and Dr. Jeremy Pickens.

Good Reads / Worth a Listen

TAR Talk: The Latest TAR Poll Results.  Rob Robinson of Complex Discovery released the results from the Spring 2019 Predictive Coding Technologies and Protocols Survey. We will look backwards and forwards and give you the TAR Talk Take.

Unplugged: Mary Mack of ACEDs interviews John Tredennick about Life after Catalyst. (ACEDs).

Artificial Intelligence for Smart Lawyers: Tredennick gave the E-Discovery Distinguished Speaker Lecture at the University of Florida Law School in October 2018. This was a great talk on how AI is changing the legal profession. Don’t miss it. 

Portraits of Technologists: Tredennick was interviewed for a series on leading technologists by Cherwell Software in the fall of 2018. He talks about founding Catalyst and the role technology will play in the future. 

Are People the Weakest Link in Technology? Not really says John Tredennick and Daniel Gold in a thoughtful piece (October 2018).

TAR 2.0 / Predict Proves Effective Even for With High Richness Cases, says John Tredennick in this Linked In article from the Fall of 2018.

Sedona Program for IPRO Legal Technology Conference. Project organizer and speaker for the three-program series held on April 30, 2019 in Phoenix AZ.

Lecture: Federal Judicial Training Session at Duke Law School on AI and Technology Assisted Review June 2019).

TAR Talk: A conversation with Magistrate Peck, April 26, 2019.

TAR Talk: The New EDRM Guidelines: What’s Good and What’s Not So Good? The TAR Talk Take, February 21, 2019.

TAR Talk: Can You Do Good TAR with a Bad Algorithm? November 27, 2018.

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