Sherlock in Action

Sherlock Continues His Adventures

Introducing Sherlock

In this introductory video, we introduce Sherlock, the first AI powered digital document bloodhound. Sherlock offers a new way to find information in large documents sets, one that doesn’t require you to master complex keyword searches. Just point to a document you like and tell Sherlock to Find More.

Sherlock in Three Clicks—Finding Documents Relating to Florida Condominium Ombudsmen

Our site has over 2.7 million documents. We are looking for documents regarding condominium associations and a new program for Florida Condominium Ombudsmen. Here is the document request: Condominiums All documents concerning the rules and organizations governing Florida condominium associations and conflicts between owners and managers in Florida. Relevant documents include those concerning the establishment of the Florida office of ombudsman, and issues relating to hiring and firing the ombudsman. Can Sherlock find relevant documents in three clicks without using keyword Syntax? Watch this video to find out.

How Fast is Sherlock?

We’ve asked Sherlock to find documents relating to the use if unattended traffic cameras at traffic intersection. This is a hot issue in Florida but we have almost two million documents to analyze and rank. How fast is Sherlock? He can analyze and rank two million documents in 200 milliseconds. 

See for yourself in this 40 second video.

Sherlock in 60 Seconds

This is a quick introduction to Sherlock, the first AI-powered digital document bloodhound. In this case we are looking for documents relating to whether taxpayers should subsidize sports stadiums in Florida. We have collected 1.9 million emails from Governor Jeb Bush’s two terms as governor of Florida. Can Sherlock help find documents relevant to our investigation? Watch this short introduction to Sherlock and see.

What is Algorithmic Search?

What is Algorithmic Search? Our CEO and Founder, John Tredennick gives a great explanation below in this brief video. This was part of a recent New York State Bar Association CLE “Intro To Artificial Intelligence (AI) Part 2: AI as a Litigation Tool” where John spoke about #AI for #litigation and investigations. Other speakers included Emilee Sahli, Jerome Greco, and the Hon. Ronald J. Hedges (Ret.), United States Magistrate Judge. View John’s full presentation.

Sherlock and the Case of the Looming Climate Crisis

Sherlock’s mission today is to find documents relating to the debate over global warming and climate change and to help determine Governor Bush’s position on the subject. The problem is that many of the documents Sherlock finds are similar in content and language.

 Traditional document reviewers have to go document by document to find relevant information. Sherlock has a better way. Watch has he brings back 50 documents at a time, clusters them by similar content and allows reviewers to intelligently tag clusters with a single click. Can we review 50 documents in 5 rather than 50 minutes?

Watch this episode and see for yourself.


Integrating Advanced Keyword and Algorithmic Search

Sherlock and the Case of the Voting Felons 

In this episode we show a new way to search for documents. We received a document request regarding “Felon Disenfranchisement.” Rather than build a keyword search, we simply pasted the full request into Sherlock Integrated Search and brought back results in relevance order. 

We then selected the top results and sent them to Sherlock. Immediately we were on the trail to find more documents about restoring voting rights to felons. 

Sherlock and the Case of Florida’s Disappearing Water

This is another example of Search 2.0 and our radical new approach to integrating keyword and algorithmic search.

This document request was about bottled water and a concern that companies like Perrier and Nestle were draining Florida’s natural springs. Instead of crafting a complex keyword search, we simply pasted the request verbatim and let Sherlock go. This is another good example of Search 2.0 in action. 

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