Sherlock Integrated Search

Integrating AI, keywords and advanced cloud technologies
to make discovery faster, easier and more cost-effective.

A full-featured discovery platform for search, investigation and review

AI-Powered Discovery

We’re ushering in a new era for discovery with Sherlock, the first AI-integrated search, investigation and review platform. It is fast, feature-rich and easy to use, covering the discovery lifecycle. 

Sherlock is the first to integrate keywords seamlessly with algorithmic search, harnessing the power of our advanced machine learning algorithms to provide a faster, easier and more cost-effective way to find information in large document sets.

We deliver our software via the AWS cloud–through a unique single-tenant architecture that increases security and site control. It also enables the first-ever On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing. Pay one hourly rate when the site is active and a 70% reduced rate when you turn it off, saving money and supporting green computing.  

For Virtually Any Use Case

Use Sherlock Integrated Search as a standalone investigation and discovery tool, or use it alongside your existing technology stack. The platform’s speed, ease of use and benefits offered through single-tenant design make it ideal for many use cases: 

  • Time-sensitive internal investigations, such as HR/employment, theft, conflicts of interest, fraud, unfair competition and other issues involving code of conduct
  • Government and regulatory investigations, Dawn Raids and other situations in which you need to quickly respond to requests 
  • ECA, analysis, review and production for ediscovery, investigations and regulatory compliance matters
  • Rapid culling and organization of likely responsive or privileged data prior to moving into a preferred review platform 
  • Third-party subpoenas and centralized subpoena management 
  • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests
  • Large set data investigation and review for M&A, small claims management, patient-reported data, email archives and other pre-litigation and business use cases

Once you start using Sherlock Integrated Search, you’ll be amazed at its many use cases. 

End-to-End AI-Integrated Discovery

Processing and Productions

Native, image and text processing and productions, including emails, instant messaging and office, social and media files. 

Visual Analytics

Timelines, charting, word clouds and results analysis including shared reports and role-based configurable dashboards.

Keyword Search

Field, text and tag searching including full-featured Boolean operators for complex keyword and tag searches with full sorting capabilities.

Review Workflow

Set up sophisticated CAL review workflows for large teams, tracking metrics and progress with full validation statistics.

Algorithmic Search

Integrated AI machine learning to enhance  and extend keyword search including our unique Freeform search capabilities. Learn more (needs to link to

Site and User Management

User controlled site management, including role configuration and the ability to schedule site operating hours and down time.

A Quick Look at Sherlock Integrated Search

Sherlock is a full-featured search, investigation and review platform. Take a quick walk through some of its features. 

Sherlock AI

Meet Sherlock, the digital document bloodhound at the heart of our powerful software platform. With Sherlock, finding relevant documents is quick and easy.


Sherlock is easy to use. Start with one or more documents and send them to Sherlock. He will instantly find more for your review. No complex keyword searches or sampling required.

Instantaneous Results
Sherlock can analyze and rank a million documents in 100 milliseconds, and ten million documents in less than a second.

Effortless Efficiency

Click Thumbs Up and let Sherlock do the rest. He quickly and effectively finds more documents to further your search, keying off  your judgments. 

Superior Performance

Sherlockcan analyze and rank documents in milliseconds, delivering more relevant results faster than ever before.

Once you experience Sherlock’s power, you’ll never be satisfied with keywords alone.

Sherlock can analyze and rank a million documents in 100 milliseconds, bringing back relevant documents in the blink of an eye.

See Sherlock in Action!

Watch these videos to see Sherlock in action. The videos are all based on a collection of nearly two million emails from Jeb Bush’s two terms as governor of Florida in the early 2000s. Governor Bush made these documents public, and a portion was used at the NIST Text Retrieval Conferences (TREC). They cover a wide range of topics and create an ideal environment to see Sherlock in action.

In this introduction, we start with one document related to efforts to protect manatees in Florida and send it to Sherlock, who quickly analyzes the approximately two million documents to find more. 

See the full extent of our platform. Start with Freeform Search (no keyword syntax required) and then find a good starting set of documents. Send the set to Sherlock. Start to finish in seconds!

Purpose Built for AI and the Cloud

Sherlock Integrated Search is a trailblazing software platform, meticulously architected to take advantage of advanced analytics of cutting-edge AI and the features exclusively offered by cloud technology. Embracing innovation, Sherlock Integrated Search is built from the ground up, unencumbered by archaic software and outdated code, to take leap into a new era of discovery with agility and efficiency.


We built Sherlock from scratch, using the latest software code, languages and frameworks to ensure your sites are lightning fast, regardless of size, with near instant responses even with tens of millions of documents.


We designed Sherlock with an eye to making it as easy to use as possible, requiring almost zero training. Use freeform search to create simple but powerful queries and then send documents to Sherlock, letting him take over from there.


Each site resides in its own Virtual Private Cloud with no shared computing resources and no commingling of data (single-tenant architecture. We harden each site with end-to-end encryption, cloud monitoring and sophisticated rights management. Learn more. (link to (link to


We’ve built Sherlock to run securely in the cloud for “no limits” scalability. From a small internal investigation to a large collection, we can instantly deploy the resources you need, spinning them up when you need them and down when you don’t. Learn more (link to


We can deploy your sites worldwide, even within your AWS environment, while offering flexible redundancy and disaster recovery and ensuring adherence to local data laws including GDPR and its successive legislation. Learn more. (link to


Make discovery more affordable with Cloud Utility Pricing. Pay one rate when your site is active and 70% less when you turn it off. Set a schedule for operating hours or use the first-ever Site Energy Saver to turn off your site when not in use.

Testimonials from Industry Innovators

In a high stakes regulatory matter, we learned more about our documents in a few days than in months with another vendor. Merlin Integrated Search is excellent, saving time for counsel and costs for clients. We can’t wait to do more with it!
Dara Tarkowski
Partner and Founder Actuate Law
Finding key evidence is critical in criminal investigations. No other software program can find the smoking gun faster than Sherlock. You have to use it to fully understand just how magical algorithmic search is. This dog can really hunt!
Paul Rodrigues
Founder, Trace Forensic Experts

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