Talk, Fun, and Occasionally Some Useful Information About AI and the Law

TAR Talk is a 20 minute (or so) podcast coming live from our virtual front porch, where Tom,  John and Dr. J. (sometimes with guests) yak about issues relating to the use of AI (often machine learning) in the legal world. 

We began by talking about an AI-enhanced process in electronic discovery many call Technology Assisted Review (that’s what the TAR part means). Over the years, we have broadened our focus to gabbing about how artificial intelligence is changing the practice of law and the delivery of legal services. And, if pushed, we will talk about any other legal technology topic that comes to mind. 

During these podcasts, Tom,  John and Dr. J  (joined by Mary Mack our fearless leader at EDRM) will share  knowledge, talk to  guests, discuss current research and practices and try to hit at least one issue of importance to legal professionals in each session. They will also offer bad analogies, make even worse jokes and generally make fun of themselves and their guests. The only thing they won’t do (if you are lucky) is offer advice on how to fix your car–but we loved the name.

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John Tredennick

Tom Gricks

Dr. Jeremy Pickens

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Episode Fifteen:  Legal TAR algorithm helps Canadian Health Authorities Track Coronavirus Research
September 16, 2020 at 2 ET

Join the TAR Talk gang on the EDRM porch as we welcome Professor Maura Grossman to TAR Talk. She and Professor Gordon Cormack are leading experts in Technology Assisted Review and Continuous Active Learning®

The Canadian government and its Health Department asked Grossman and Cormack to apply their algorithm to medical research on Covid 19. Why? Because they couldn’t find helpful information effectively using keyword search. 

 Tune in to learn how AI for legal document review proved to be the ticket for medical research in the pandemic era. We can’t wait.

Registration link coming soon.

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