Cloud Technology

We integrate the latest cloud and software technology with our own code to. ensure that our platforms deliver the best and fastest experience possible.

We play at the front of the technology curve.

Secure Cloud backed by Open Source

Merlin Search Technologies is a cloud technology company, developing AI-powered search, analytics and review software.  Our software was built from scratch using the latest artificial intelligence, search, analytics and cloud-native technologies.  Our commitment is to keep innovating, constantly upgrading our software and adding new features.

We write code using the best of the open source languages, including .NET Core, Vue.JS, Bootstrap JSON, javascript and python, all running in a Linux environment. We analyze our data using open source tools like MySql, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch and other similar technologies.  We develop our machine learning and other artificial intelligence tools using a variety of open source applications that we customize ourselves.

Our cloud-native software is optimized to run on the Amazon Web Services cloud (AWS), the first and still the best public-cloud infrastructure on the market. Along with amazing compute and storage options, it offers over 210 different computing services that we can integrate into our offerings, like audio and video streaming, workflow components, and worldwide networking.

Together, the open source code we use combined with the AWS platform provide unmatched speed and unlimited compute capacity which we can deploy anywhere in the world, along with amazing pricing.

Why are we Cloud Centric?

There are a number of good reasons and they all start with S.

AWS is optimized for speed, through massive computing power, regional centers linked through optical fiber and thousands of dedicated Internet connections for quick client access. We build our systems for speed and can go as fast as you want.

Our applications can scale from one computer to thousands, allowing us to support both small and large matters. We can go up and down to meet your needs, allowing you to control expenses. Turn off unused capacity. You can always fire up later.

We build on AWS’s top-tier security services, including advanced border protection, hardened APIs, end-to-end encryption, monitoring and sophisticated rights management. We can also provide a “shared nothing” environment that you control.

Using AWS for our infrastructure allows us to keep it simple and focus on what we do best. AWS provides top-tier systems engineers, security specialists and hardware procurement, along with a worldwide network that we don’t have to build from scratch.

We can store data anywhere in the world, providing in-region or multi-region redundancy and disaster recovery. House your application and data securely in any country or region in order to comply with privacy and data protection regulations.

We enjoy some of the lowest operating costs in the industry which we can pass on through flexible pricing (pay for what you need), discounts for longer term contracts and the ability to reserve a pool of resources for organizational needs.

The biggest companies in the world run securely on the public cloud and so do we. With a chance to build everything over from scratch (and jettison millions of dollars of dated hardware spread over five data centers) we made the obvious choice to follow the leaders and deploy in the AWS cloud. 

You simply can’t match the cloud’s speed, scalability, security, simplicity, scope and savings through a co-location facility or on premises hosting. That’s why we are dedicated to secure cloud computing. 

Ready to Believe?

Software is the magic of the Twenty-First Century. Contact us to learn more about our digital magic.
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