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There are mysteries to solve and cases to close.  Is Sherlock up to the task?  Check out a few of these videos and find out.  We will introduce Sherlock Hounds, the first AI powered digital document bloodhound and report on some of his most famous cases. 

Introducing Sherlock, the first AI powered digital bloodhound.

 Sherlock and the Case of the Missing Manatees (5:35)

Meet Sherlock, our AI powered digital document bloodhound. In this case we are looking to find documents about Manatees, those walrus-like creatures that you can find in Florida. But, keyword search can be difficult here because we don’t want documents about Manatee County Florida. Can Sherlock distinguish between the two? Let’s find out. 

Sherlock and the Case of (the) Havana Club 5:01)

The mission here is to find a case of Havana Club, or at least find documents about the dispute between Bacardi and Cuba/Pernod about who should own the trademark for the famed rum brand. Can Sherlock track down evidence that Bacardi was lobbying Governor Bush a bit too much to protect the brand it allegedly stole from Cuba? Click on our video to find out. 

Sherlock 2.0: Some of Sherlock's most difficult cases.

Sherlock and the Case of the Misspelled “Havanna Club” (2:15)

This time our searcher made a mistake. She misspelled Havana Club adding an extra N. The search found several good emails where the person sending them didn’t realize that Havana only has one N.  Can Sherlock help find other relevant docs even with a bad keyword search? You bet. 

Sherlock and the Case of the Florida Ticket Scalpers (3:16)

We can send more than one document to Sherlock at a time. In this case we found several good documents from our keyword search. So we sent them all to Sherlock and told him to find more. When Sherlock got off the trail, we gave him a Thumbs Down and he got right back on track. 

Sherlock and the Case of the Voting Felons  (4:30)

Our mission today concerns the disenfranchisement of Florida Felons. Specifically, our job is to find documents concerning the right of felons to vote in Florida and the reinstatement of voting rights. 

Can Sherlock help us find relevant documents? Tune in to find out. 

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