Why Merlin?

“Experience, a track record of success, honesty and integrity come to mind. Plus, we are good at this. . . "

We've been making Digital Magic for Decades

Here are

We formed Merlin because we are passionate about building secure cloud software to help teams manage compliance, review documents and streamline legal workflow. Over the years, we have developed dozens of compliance systems for legal workflow along with the best e-discovery and AI-powered search and review platform on the market.

Our goal is to help clients improve legal processes and meet regulatory obligations, saving money and reducing compliance risks in the bargain. That will lead to more business with you and hopefully referrals to others.

We would be honored to be of service.

Merlin builds software to help legal teams manage compliance, review documents and automate complex work processes. We got our start in the 1990’s as part of a national law firm, where we famously built compliance workflow systems for the firm’s clients. In 1999, among other awards, we were inducted into the Smithsonian Institute for our groundbreaking work developing litigation workflow software.

In 2000, we spun out of the law firm to form Catalyst Repository Systems, a pioneering e-discovery and compliance technology company. Over the next two decades, Catalyst grew to over $50 million in revenues, hosting software in five data centers and employing 160 people in offices around the world. During those years, Catalyst pioneered cloud e-discovery (2002), developed the first multi-language discovery platform (2008), opened Asia offices and data centers (2010) and then built the industry’s leading machine learning (AI) algorithms for large-scale document review (2012). Our Insight software platform was unmatched for speed and scalability.

In early 2019, we sold Catalyst to a large public technology company. Not yet ready to retire, our CEO founded Merlin to continue making digital magic for clients. Today he and his team are working hard to power the next generation of compliance, review and legal process workflow software.

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Digital Magic

In the days of Camelot, Merlin conjured magic for King Arthur
and his knights of the roundtable. While the magic seemed real,
it was just a combination of chemistry and knowhow.

Software is the magic of the 21st century.
When we talk with Siri or use the Internet to get directions,
it feels like magic. Deep down, we know it isn’t magic,
just well-written code. But it might as well be.

That’s Digital Magic.

We've worked with a lot of great companies over the years.

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