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Merlin Search Technologies, Inc.  is a Delaware corporation founded in early 2019. Merlin’s headquarters and leadership team are based in Denver, Colorado and other parts of the United States and Australia with a a large development team in Coimbatore, India. 

Our team consists primarily of senior developers, QC professionals and operations support. Many have been working together for the past two decades. We are expanding the team with a variety of design, development and QA professionals, including sales, project management, consulting and support professionals.

John Tredennick, one of the most recognized pioneers in e-discovery and legal process workflow, founded Merlin. In the first 20 years of Tredennick’s career, he was a trial lawyer and partner of a national law firm. In 2000, he created an award-winning technology division of the law firm, which later became Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc. In 2005, Tredennick and a group of investors purchased Catalyst from the law firm. 


Tredennick grew Catalyst into an international company with five data centers and more than 160 employees around the world. Catalyst served many of the largest organizations and law firms in the world.  


In January of 2019, Catalyst was sold to a large, international public technology company. Not ready to retire, Tredennick formed Merlin to continue making digital magic.

John Tredennick founded Catalyst in 2000 as a spin out from a large, national law firm. In 2005, he and a group of investors purchased Catalyst from the law firm. 


Tredennick grew Catalyst into an international company with five data centers and more than 160 employees around the world. Catalyst served many of the largest companies and law firms in the world. 


In the late 2000s, Catalyst was known as a leader in multi-language discovery, with a particular focus on challenging Asian
languages. As a result, Catalyst opened offices in Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong and established two data centers in Tokyo. 


Catalyst also developed compliance workflow systems for companies such as, AIG, Wyndham, Fairfield, and Sears. Additional information is available in Case Studies.


In 2013, Catalyst released the first commercially available continuous active learning (AI) algorithms for Technology Assisted Review.
These machine learning algorithms proved adept at finding relevant documents and often reduced discovery review by more than 90%. Tredennick authored the book on Technology Assisted Review, TAR for Smart People, now in its third edition. 


In January of 2019, Catalyst was sold to a large, international public technology company where operations continue today.

Merlin designs, builds and hosts world-class search software for investigations, discovery, and regulatory compliance. We combine the power of AI (machine learning) and the flexibility of cloud computing with our own “digital magic” to make search smarter, review easier, and compliance more affordable. 

Merlin IS is a revolutionary AI-powered search and review platform designed to help users find  the information they need—quickly and easily—without having to master complex search syntax. 

Read more about Merlin Integrated Search, powered by Sherlock, here


Merlin Comply is a customizable, automated workflow platform designed to help clients efficiently and effectively meet regulatory obligations and eliminate costly mistakes.

Merlin Comply facilitate legal automation for compliance and legal operations. The software is customizable and provides reusable individual components for the benefit of our clients.


Read more about Merlin Comply here

In the fall of 2019, CEO John Tredennick joined with others to form the Merlin Legal Open Source Foundation. Tredennick was certain that open-source software and secure cloud computing could improve access to justice and achieve more efficient and effective compliance efforts and legal operations. At present, Merlin Digital Magic funds costs for the Foundation, which may change once the Foundation is more established.

The two organizations operate independently. The Foundation’s goal is to support all legal open-source software projects by any individual or organization. Merlin Digital Magic’s goal is to create and develop world-class software powered by open-source software, under its own open-source license.  

You can learn more about the Merlin Legal Open Source Foundation here.

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