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Revolutionizing discovery workflow
with GenAI and cloud technologies.

Charting a New Path for Investigations and Discovery

Welcome to the front line of legal technology innovation. We’re not just adapting to the future; we’re creating it. Our dedication to pioneering investigations and discovery through Generative AI, machine learning, and advanced cloud solutions is reshaping the industry. Dive into our latest reports, advancements and exploratory work, from groundbreaking GenAI applications to our industry-leading initiatives in cloud and green computing.

Discover how Merlin Search Technologies is revolutionizing the investigation and discovery process, significantly enhancing efficiency, and reducing both the cost and time traditionally required. Our commitment to innovation not only streamlines legal workflows but also sets new benchmarks for sustainability in technology. 

Join us on our journey to redefine legal tech, making investigations more efficient, effective and much less expensive.

Merlin Search Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership with U.S. Legal Support to Provide GenAI-Powered Deposition Summary Service

Merlin Search Technologies partners with U.S. Legal Support to provide DepoSummary Pro, a GenAI-powered deposition…

The Empire Strikes Back: GPT-4o Regains the Lead in the GenAI Race

Discover how GPT-4o, OpenAI's latest omnimodal AI model, is revolutionizing the GenAI landscape with advanced…

Five Questions to Ask if You Are Considering a Private Large Language Model (LLM) for Your Law Firm.

Building a proprietary AI language model may seem appealing, but requires careful consideration of potential…

Chelsea Wilson Joins Merlin Search Technologies as Marketing Manager

Merlin Search Technologies announced the appointment of Chelsea Wilson as Marketing Manager.

GenAI for Smart People: EDRM Webinar Asia Pacific

Join us for this exciting webinar for our Asia Pacific colleagues.

Announcing Gen II: Merlin’s Second Generation Generative AI Platform.

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Gen II, our second-generation GenAI platform.Gen…

Claude 3: A First Look at this Exciting New Technology

I had my first chance to try out Claude 3 in the Merlin Lab. It…

Kendra Smith joins Merlin as Chief Operating Officer

We are excited to have this tenured ediscovery and review specialist join us.

Are We Entering the Era of Prompt Engineers for Legal?

Explore the evolving landscape of legal technology and the increasing importance of prompt engineers in…

GenAI for Smart People: An Introduction to Large Language Models for Smart Ediscovery Professionals

Now in e-book format, GenAI for Smart People," authored by John Tredennick and Dr. William…

Using Generative AI to Revolutionize Investigations and Discovery Workflow – SIU Law Webinar

Watch our webinar for an exciting look at the future of GenAI for ediscovery and…

Merlin Search Technologies Appoints Ediscovery Industry Veteran Jim Bocchino as Chief Revenue Officer

Merlin Search Technologies announced the appointment of Jim Bocchino as Chief Revenue Officer. Bocchino will…

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