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Introducing TranscriptPartner™

Using Generative AI to Re-Engineer 
Deposition and Hearing Summaries.


Incredible Speed and Amazing Quality–at Unbelievable Prices!

For decades, lawyers and legal assistants have been preparing deposition summaries using dictaphones and word processors. The process is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive, with summaries of lengthy depositions easily costing thousands of dollars. Even when delegating the task to external service providers, the process often requires several business days to complete and can still cost thousands of dollars. 

Introducing TranscriptPartner, powered by Merlin’s advanced Generative AI. TranscriptPartner is changing the way legal professionals handle deposition transcript summaries. Our cutting-edge GenAI algorithms quickly analyze lengthy transcripts, generating concise, multi-layered summaries that match and often exceed the quality of human-generated content.

TranscriptPartner makes summarizing transcripts a breeze–in minutes rather than hours or days. Our AI-driven system delivers multi-layered summaries that rival the detail and quality of manual efforts, saving time and legal expenses.

Identify key testimony, prepare for depositions, and develop winning case strategies efficiently and effectively. TranscriptPartner is also perfect for summarizing witness interviews, medical records, chat messaging, and other extended text documents.

Customize Your Summaries

Choose from multiple summary formats to match your summary style and needs:

  • Overall Abstract: An insightful testimony overview.
  • Table of Contents: Direct links to key lines of inquiry.
  • Topical Summaries: Detailed precis for each interrogation section. 
  • Direct Links: to key witness testimony by page and line number. 

Enjoy These Features

Get hearing and deposition transcript summaries on your timetable rather than waiting for your busy legal team to do the work.

  • Editable: Available in PDF and Word formats (for easy editing). 
  • Fast: Overnight delivery standard (or faster if needed). 
  • Affordable: Prices as low as $1.00 per transcript page (see us for enterprise pricing).
  • Quality: Equal if not better quality and topic coverage. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, we will make it right. 

Compare to Manual Summaries


Our standard practice is to deliver transcript summaries of any length overnight (or even faster if needed).


Delivered in PDF and Word formats, allowing you to review, edit, and supplement key testimony.


At just $1.00 per transcript page, we can significantly reduce summary costs compared to manual methods.


We ensure that the GenAI companies we use offer commercial licenses with prohibitions on saving or using prompt information for any purpose.


We use the most advanced GenAI Large Language models to prepare the most detailed and insightful summaries on the market.


Each statement is hyperlinked to the corresponding page and line numbers, allowing you to substantiate testimony directly.

Compare to Other Summary Products

We are proud of the work we have done to bring you the best and most insightful summaries on the market. Take a look at the kinds of features we can offer. Want a more slimmed down summary? No problem. Choose our “Simple Grid” model or “Grid plus Table of Contents.” Want all of the details possible? Choose our Grid plus TOC and add an overall summary, section summaries, and direct links to the transcript itself. 

Hover over any circular dot on the image above to learn more about the feature.

The transcripts we use for demonstration purposes are real examples and are publicly available from EPA’s website.

Check out these Sample Summaries

We provide a wide range of options. Check out these sample formats in PDF and Word. Feel free to match them up against the original transcripts to see how well DiscoveryPartner did.

Feel free to compare the summaries to the original Nadeau transcript.

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