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Cloud Utility Pricing

Reduce hosting costs while
supporting green computing.

DiscoveryPartner’s unique single-tenant architecture allows us to offer Cloud Utility Pricing. Pay one hourly rate when using the site and a 70%  lower hourly rate when you’re not. You can reduce hosting costs by up to 60%, simply by turning off your site when it is not in use. 

This is a first for investigation and discovery sites. Since the dawn of the digital age, vendors have charged for hosting the way landlords charge for rent–by the month. Like a rental home, you pay even when you aren’t using the site.

A Smarter Way to Manage Discovery Hosting

Cloud Utility Pricing offers unprecedented control over hosting expenses, presenting a cost model that is as efficient as it is user-friendly. Considering that most sites are active for only a fraction of the month, hourly pricing offers a smarter, more efficient alternative.

The benefits are even more pronounced for organizations juggling numerous inactive cases that must remain online, but not in active use. These cases often require ready access due to evolving legal or investigative situations. Cloud Utility Pricing enables such organizations to save substantially on hosting costs by turning these sites off while ensuring they’re immediately accessible when needed.

Have doubts? Read Joe Patrice’s article in Above The Law to see why he feels that “Lawyers Waste A Ton of Money On Data Storage And Discovery.”

How Does It Work?

DiscoveryPartner gives you complete control over your site’s operating hours:

Turn sites on and off

It takes just seconds to power off your site when you’re finished with work, and just minutes to power it back up when you need it.

Schedule operating hours

Schedule site hours to match your team’s hours, saving on nights, weekends, holidays and longer inactive periods.

Use the Site Energy Saver

Use DiscoveryPartner’s Site Energy Saver to automatically turn off sites after a set period of inactivity, e.g. thirty minutes or an hour.

Analyze Site Activity

While complex investigations and litigation matters can continue for years at a time, there is no need to keep your site running 24/7. To the contrary, most sites need to be online for a fraction of the month, rarely more than 10% on average over the life of the matter.

Take a look at this analysis and compare with your own experience. On average there are 730 hours in a month. To use the site for as much as 25% of the month, it would have to be turned on and active for for all four weeks, ten hours a work day. That may happen in a particularly busy month, but not for the life of the matter.

Legal and investigation teams can save on hosting costs because they rarely, if ever, need their sites to be active around the clock.

Explore Savings

Reduce hosting costs by controlling when your sites are in use:

  • Power Up: Power up your site as your team starts the day and shut it off when work wraps up—halve your hosting costs or more with this simple practice.
  • Schedule Operations: Set your site to run during work hours; let it automatically shutdown at night. Need after-hour access? Your site is ready to go in minutes.
  • Weekend/Holidays: Schedule site downtime during weekends and holidays for additional savings. Remember, you can always power it back up if needed.
  • Site Energy Saver: Use the Site Energy Saver to automatically turn off sites during periods of inactivity.
  • Dormant Periods: Keep sites offline when your matter is on hold. Rest assured, they’re ready to spring to action when needed.

For organizations with multiple matters, the savings offered by Cloud Utility Pricing can be even more substantial.


Once you can marry a single-tenant architecture with speed that can bring the system back up on a dime, there’s an opportunity for a product that toggles on and off. Turn it off at night, turn it back on in the morning. Shut down on the weekends. Set it up to automatically shut off after a period of disuse.

When you have 30, even 50 investigations all at different stages of life, those are massive costs. Legal and compliance departments are viewed as cost centers, and we need to be doing what we can to lower costs. Cloud Utility Pricing makes sense.

Save and Go Green!

Our Cloud Utility Pricing model marks the first green computing initiative for investigations and ediscovery. Minimize energy consumption and shrink your carbon footprint by powering down sites when not in use. 

Use our site scheduler or let DiscoveryPartner’s automated Site Energy Saver manage the downtime of your site during idle periods.

Our pricing model not only makes a positive impact on your bottom line. It also contributes towards your organization’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives for a positive impact on our planet. 

All Thanks to Single-Tenant Architecture

Our single-tenant architecture set the stage for Cloud Utility Pricing. Each site lives in its own secure virtual private cloud, with the flexibility to power down when not in use. We dedicate computing resources exclusively to your site so we can shut them down when not needed.

Traditional multi-tenant sites must run 24/7, even when they’re not being used. Servers for one site can’t be turned off without disrupting the platform for other clients. Vendors can’t save when their site is running and thus can’t pass on those savings to you. We can and do. 

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