Cloud Utility Pricing

Pay one rate when the site is active, another when it is off.
Reduce hosting fees while going green.

Save with On/Off Hosting Fees

A Smarter, More Economical Way to Manage Investigation and Discovery Sites

Introducing Cloud Utility Pricing–a revolutionary new pricing model that lets you pay by the hour, not by the month. Pay one hourly rate when the site is active. Pay a substantially reduced rate when you turn it off. You can reduce hosting costs by up to 60%, simply by turning off your site when it is not in use. 

This is a first for investigation and discovery sites. Since the dawn of the digital age, vendors have charged for hosting the way landlords charge for rent–by the month. Like a rental home, you pay even when you aren’t using the site.

Harness the power of our serverless computing tools to turn your site on and off at will, with safe, swift restoration. 

How Does It Work?

Our platform, DiscoveryPartner, gives you complete control over your site’s operating hours: 

  •  Turn Sites Off with a Click: With a simple click, you can deactivate your site. It will shut down in minutes, reducing hourly hosting costs by up to 70%.
  • Turn Sites On with a Click: Restore your site just as easily. Within just five minutes, your site will be fully restored.
  • Schedule Site Operating Hours: Define site operating hours to align with your work needs, ensuring it’s active when needed and dormant when not.
  • Activate Our Site Energy Saver: Automatically deactivate your site after a set period of inactivity, conserving resources and reducing costs.

Cloud Utility Pricing offers unprecedented control over hosting expenses, presenting a cost model that is as efficient as it is user-friendly. Considering that most sites are active for only a fraction of the month, hourly pricing offers a smarter, more efficient alternative.

The benefits are even more pronounced for organizations juggling numerous inactive cases that must remain online, but not in active use. These cases often require ready access due to evolving legal or investigative situations. Cloud Utility Pricing enables such organizations to save substantially on hosting costs by turning these sites off while ensuring they’re immediately accessible when needed.

Control Your Site, Maximize Your Savings

Explore how you can drive down costs by controlling when your sites are in use:

  • Daytime Use: Power up your site as your team starts the day and shut it off when work wraps up—halve your hosting costs with this simple practice!
  • Schedule Operations: Set your site to run during work hours, and let it auto-shutdown at night. Need after-hour access? Your site is ready to go in minutes.
  • Weekend/Holidays: Schedule site downtime during weekends and holidays for additional savings. Remember, you can always power it back up if needed.
  • Dormant Periods: Keep sites offline during dormant phases like regulatory investigations or litigation. Rest assured, they’re ready to spring to action when needed.
  • Site Energy Saver: Employ our tool to automatically power down sites during periods of inactivity.

For organizations managing numerous concurrent matters online, the savings offered by Cloud Utility Pricing can be substantial.

Embrace Green Computing

Our Cloud Utility Pricing model marks the first green computing initiative for investigations and ediscovery. Minimize energy consumption and shrink your carbon footprint by powering down sites when not in use. Use our site scheduler or let DiscoveryPartner’s automated Site Energy Saver manage the downtime of your site during idle periods.

With our model, not only can make a positive impact on your bottom line. You also contribute towards your organization’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) objectives for a positive impact on our planet. 

The most brilliant solutions are often the simplest. Merlin’s new cloud pricing model is elegant, logical, economical and really takes a client-first approach to the ediscovery process. I’m thrilled to be utilizing it and offering a competitive option to my clients.
Dara Tarkowski
Partner and Founder, Actuate Law
We are witnessing the dawn of a new era for ediscovery applications. For the first time, clients can use the cloud the way it was meant to be used and realize cost savings through Cloud Utility Pricing.
David Greetham
Founder of PC Forensics

Former head of Ricoh’s Ediscovery Business Unit

How Do You Charge?

We offer two Cloud Utility Pricing Models:

Cloud Hourly

Pay an hourly rate when your site is in active use, and benefit from a significantly reduced rate—up to 70% less—when your site is offline.

You can save up to 60% compared to sites charging a traditional per gigabyte/per month hosting fee.

Cloud Monthly

If you want the predictability of fixed monthly fees, try our  Cloud Monthly and enjoy a 30% discount on per gigabyte monthly hosting fees.

The only condition? Use our Site Energy Saver to automatically turn off your site after an hour of inactivity.

Our pricing is transparent. There are no additional charges for user fees, TAR, or other AI-powered analytics. Optional services like data normalization, data processing, production and consulting are billed per unit or hour, keeping it clear and straightforward. 

How Frequently Is Your Site Active?

Cloud Utility Pricing offers significant savings due to a simple fact: legal and investigation teams rarely need the site to be active around the clock. A considerable chunk of a month–nights and weekends, for instance–often sees no activity. 

Consider this: a month is approximately 730 hours. If your team is actively online for eights hours a day, five days a week throughout the month, that’s only 25% of time the site needs to be active. In reality, most sites see far less activity, often around 5%, or just 40 hours per month. And when a case is dormant, which could span several months or more, site usage is even lower.  

How active is your site, really? Visualize this with the following chart:  

How often do I use my site? Perhaps less than you might think.

What Kind of Savings Can I Expect?

Your savings, compared to traditional hosting prices, will depend on your site usage. In many cases, you can expect to see substantial monthly savings—potentially as high as 60% for sites that remain inactive throughout the month.

Take a look at our comparative chart between traditional monthly pricing, Cloud Monthly and Cloud Hourly:

Are You Hosting Numerous Inactive Sites?

If you have an inactive site that’s still accumulating hosting fees, we’re here to assist. We’ve successfully transitioned other sites, including ones with millions of documents, to DiscoveryPartner and our Cloud Utility Pricing model. 

 Cloud Utility Pricing is particularly advantageous for large organizations maintaining numerous inactive matters online. We can convert and host these largely dormant sites at a fraction of conventional hosting costs, providing valuable savings.

Why Can We Offer Cloud Utility Pricing?

Our ability to provide utility pricing lies in our unique single-tenant architecture. Each site operates in its own secure environment, offering enhanced data security and the flexibility to power down sites when they’re not in use.

In single-tenant architecture, we craft a dedicated set of computing resources exclusively for your site. This enables us to shut down these resources when they’re not needed, translating to significant hosting cost savings that we pass  to you.

Contrast this with traditional vendors who operate in a multi-tenant environment. They cannot switch off servers running your site without disrupting their entire platform and inconveniencing all clients sharing those computing resources. Consequently, multi-tenant sites run 24/7 due to potential usage by any given client at any given hour. 

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