Welcome to Search 2.0

Keyword and algorithmic search integrated seamlessly into one beautiful platform to make search smarter, review easier and discovery more affordable.

AI-powered search for investigations, discovery and regulatory compliance.

Seeing is Believing
Making Search Smarter

We use advanced machine learning to make search smarter and easier to use. If you've ever struggled with keywords to find documents, this is the platform for you.

Goodbye keywords. Hello future!

See for Yourself
Making Review Easier

We incorporate the newest software and cloud technology into our code to make review easier and faster. Eye blinking speed, fewer clicks and an easy-to-use interface that will make you smile.

Your team is going to love it. And we’re just getting started.

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Making Discovery Affordable

Choose how you want to consume our software—by the day, week, month, or longer (for even better pricing). With True Cloud Pricing™ pay only for what you need, when you need it. At a fixed price that doesn't depend on GBs or users.

More affordable? Now you're talking.

Start Saving

A Better Way to Find Documents

Merlin is taking search to the next level, integrating a first-of-its-kind algorithmic search engine, Sherlock, with traditional keyword search. We’re bringing you a faster and easier way to find relevant documents for investigations, discovery and compliance through our new software platform, Merlin Integrated Search (IS). 

Merlin IS combines the power of machine learning, cloud computing and our own digital magic to make search smarter, review easier and discovery more affordable. Find what you need in large document populationsquickly and easilywithout having to master complex keyword search syntax.  

Welcome to a new era in search, one that goes beyond keywords alone.  Welcome to Search 2.0.

We're back . . .

Our team pioneered ediscovery in the 1990's, multi-language search in the 2000's and TAR 2.0 in the 2010's. For the 20’s we're delivering Search 2.0, the next generation of search.

Back from where?
Back from where?

With amazing software . . .

Our new platform was built using the latest search, machine learning and cloud technologies. You get speed, simplicity, and the most powerful search platform on the market.

Geek out
Geek out

At affordable prices . . .

Cloud utility pricing allows you to spin sites up or down, size them to meet case needs, enjoy fixed fee pricing and book computing resources annually for even better pricing and value.

True affordability
True affordability

Making Search Smarter

Introducing Sherlock®

Meet Sherlock,  the world’s first AI-powered digital bloodhound and a key part of our Search 2.0 platform. In milliseconds, Sherlock can analyze documents you’ve already seen and then find other relevant ones to further your investigation.

Sherlock eliminates the need to craft complicated keyword searches. Instead, it uses a smart machine learning algorithm to fetch relevant documents faster, more easily, and at lower cost than traditional keyword search. 

Sherlock works like Pandora Internet Radio, only it finds great documents rather than great music. 

Just say: “Go get ’em, Sherlock!

Want to see Sherlock in action?  

Here are two of his most important cases. 

Watch as we send one relevant document to Sherlock and he returns more in milliseconds. Sherlock is the first of a new generation of algorithmic search engines pioneering the Search 2.0 era.

We sent Sherlock nineteen relevant documents found through a simple keyword search. Our digital bloodhound built an AI model, and applied it against 1.9 M documents. All in 200 milliseconds. 

Learn more about Search 2.0 and our revolutionary approach to combining keyword and algorithmic search to make it faster, easier and far less costly to find relevant documents.

One Beautiful Platform

Speed, Simplicity & Visual Analytics

We bring over two decades of experience designing award-winning software for advanced search and review. Merlin IS gave us an opportunity to start fresh, drawing from the latest technologies and design expertise to build an even  richer and intuitive user experience than ever before. Take a look for yourself and see how easy it is to use great search software.

You’re going to love Merlin IS from the moment you log in.

Welcome to Search 2.0!

We're taking search to the next level by integrating keyword and algorithmic search.
Contact us to find out how you can move up to Search 2.0 as well.

Try it and you too will believe in digital magic.

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