Introducing DiscoveryPartner

Generative AI Discovery and Investigation Software Purpose Built for the Cloud
With Cost-Saving On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing

A New Era for Discovery

We’re harnessing generative AI and advanced cloud technologies to usher in a new era for discovery and investigations. Introducing DiscoveryPartner—a full featured, generative AI ediscovery platform that turbocharges search, analysis and review–delivering results in seconds, rather than days or weeks. 

Hosted securely in the AWS cloud, DiscoveryPartner employs a unique single-tenant architecture for enhanced security and global site control. It’s also the first platform to offer On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing, which can reduce hosting costs by up to 70%. Simply switch off your site when not in use to save on hosting and support green computing.

Powered by Sherlock AI

DiscoveryPartner is powered by Sherlock, a set of generative AI and other sophisticated machine learning algorithms working in tandem. Collectively, they allow you to find, analyze and review documents in a fraction of the time it takes to do the work manually, leaving you free  to focus on the bigger picture: exercising judgment, providing advice and devising case strategies.

Sherlock AI handles critical tasks for you, such as:  

  • Finding: Quickly and accurately find relevant documents, eliminating the need for laborious keyword searches.
  • Analyzing: Rapidly identify and distill critical document content to meet your specific information needs.
  • Reviewing: Read and classify documents, furnishing detailed reasons for each judgment—all in a fraction of the time typically required for manual review.

As your proactive discovery partner, Sherlock dramatically reduces the effort, time and the costs required for sophisticated document analysis. 

You can read our companion article to Meet Your New Litigation Associate—Jennifer AI here. 

Innovation by Design

We’re breaking new ground with advanced machine learning algorithms, a unique, highly secure single-tenant architecture and our first-ever Cloud Utility Pricing. 

AI Insights

Find, analyze and review more effectively with AI.
We’re integrating GenAI and advanced machine learning to make it easier to find, analyze and review information in large document sets–in seconds rather than days.
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Enhanced Security

Our single-tenant VPCs provide greater security.
Virtual private clouds eliminate data commingling and support customizable security and local hosting to meet stringent data protection requirements.
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Utility Savings

Cloud Utility Pricing reduces hosting costs.
With our first-of-its-kind Cloud Utility Pricing, pay one hourly rate when you are using the site and a reduced rate when the site is offline. Go green and save on hosting.
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Redefining Cloud Hosting with Single-Tenant Architecture 

DiscoveryPartner is the only discovery software designed to run in a single-tenant environment, with its own computer resources and storage. That means greater security and superior control over your site.

Greater Security 
  • Each site resides in its own Virtual Private Cloud, with separate encryption keys and no commingling of data.
  • Choose custom options for security, backup and disaster recovery, including high availability options in other regions.
More Control
  • Configure resources for each matter, scaling up server, database and review capacity during peak review periods for as long as needed.
  • Position sites globally (including in your own AWS environment) for compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and other privacy regulations.

On/Off Cloud Utility Savings 

Thanks to DiscoveryPartner‘s unique single-tenant architecture, we’re able to bring you Cloud Utility Pricing. Pay one hourly rate when using the site and enjoy a substantially lower hourly rate when you’re not.

Turn sites off manually or schedule site operating hours.  Or use DiscoveryPartner’s Cloud Energy Saver to turn sites off automatically when not in use. You can save up to 70% on hosting costs by turning the site off when you don’t need it.

Save substantial amounts on hosting simply by switching off the site when it’s not needed.








Go Green

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and shrink your carbon footprint when your site is off. Discovery Partner’s Site Energy Saver will turn off your site whenever it’s idle. Good for your organization, good for the planet. 

We’re proud to pioneer the first green computing initiative in the industry.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It


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