AI powered investigations and discovery
with On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing.

Faster, easier and more cost effective discovery.

AI Powered Investigations and Discovery

Merlin Search Technologies is a pioneering AI and cloud technologies software company. Our mission is to redefine and streamline investigations and discovery using generative AI and other machine learning algorithms to analyze large quantities of information, summarize content and answer questions. It will free legal professionals to focus on what matters most–exercising judgment, providing advice and devising strategy—while reducing discovery costs for their clients.

We created DiscoveryPartner, which seamlessly integrates advanced machine-learning algorithms into a sophisticated, full-featured discovery platform. Fast, feature-rich and easy to use, DiscoveryPartner makes finding, analyzing and reviewing documents easier and more cost-effective than traditional discovery systems.

We deliver  DiscoveryPartner via the AWS cloud, using a unique single-tenant architecture. It not only enhances data control and security, it allows us to offer cost-saving, On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing. Pay one hourly rate when the site is active and a substantially lower rate when you turn it off.  Save substantial amounts on hosting costs, while going green in the bargain.

AI Insights

Find, analyze and review more effectively with AI.
We’re integrating GenAI and advanced machine learning to make it easier to find, analyze and review information in large document sets–in seconds rather than days.
Let's see . . .

Enhanced Security

Our single-tenant VPCs provide greater security.
Virtual private clouds eliminate data commingling and support customizable security and local hosting to meet stringent data protection requirements.
Why is that?

Utility Savings

Cloud Utility Pricing reduces hosting costs.
With our first-of-its-kind Cloud Utility Pricing, pay one hourly rate when you are using the site and a reduced rate when the site is offline. Go Green and save on hosting.
Utility Pricing!

Meet DiscoveryPartner

 DiscoveryPartner is a next-generation investigation and discovery platform. It seamlessly integrates advanced machine learning algorithms with traditional keyword search to make finding and analyzing information easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

Fast and Scalable: Built to take advantage of the latest software, machine learning algorithms and cloud services,  DiscoveryPartner is lightning-fast and can scale to tens or hundreds of millions of documents, delivering results in milliseconds. 

Full Featured:  DiscoveryPartner covers the entire investigation and discovery lifecycle–from processing and loading through keyword and algorithmic search, visual analytics, review workflow and productions. 

Multi-Party:  DiscoveryPartner supports a wide variety of multi-party needs. Plaintiff and defense groups can work together on the site, protecting searches, strategies and work product through private and shared fields, folders and even AI sessions.

Sneak Preview: Using DiscoveryPartner to Summarize, Analyze and Review Discovery Documents

Visual Analytics: Create charts, timelines and other graphics from your results set. Export or save as a report which can be shared individually, with user groups or across the site. Add them to your dashboard for real-time reporting.

Flexible Uses:  DiscoveryPartner’s speed, simplicity and flexibility make it perfect for a wide range of needs including internal investigations, third-party subpoenas, early case assessment, ediscovery analysis, Second Requests and EC RFIs, and criminal matters.

Sherlock AI

DiscoveryPartner is powered by Sherlock AI, the world’s first digital document bloodhound. In milliseconds, Sherlock can analyze documents you send and find others for further review. Fast and scalable, Sherlock AI can rank a million documents in 100 milliseconds, literally the blink of an eye.

An End to Keywords?

Sherlock AI eliminates the need to craft complicated keyword searches. Instead, Sherlock AI keys off your judgments and retrieve documents faster, more easily and at lower costs than was ever possible with keyword search alone.

AI Simple

Just click Thumbs Up and let Sherlock AI do the rest, quickly and effectively finding relevant documents to further your search, investigation or review.

See Sherlock AI Find Relevant Documents in Seconds

Merlin R&D

Harnessing Generative AI

We believe that generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) represent the start of a new era in discovery, one where we can quickly move from search hits to discovery answers with the extraordinary power of artificial intelligence. 

The Merlin R&D team is working to incorporate LLMs like GPT seamlessly into the DiscoveryPartner platform. Our existing machine learning algorithms already deliver relevant documents through user-friendly interactions like a Thumbs Up. The next frontier lies in leveraging generative AI to extract, summarize, synthesize and answer queries about the information within these documents. 

By incorporating generative AI into our platform, we’re poised to revolutionize the second half of the discovery process–ESI review and analysis, the most costly and time consuming part of the discovery process. By slashing the hours spent on analysis and review, we can deliver substantial time and cost savings, allow you to focus on what matters. 

Single-Tenant Architecture

DiscoveryPartner is the only discovery software designed to run in a single-tenant environment, with its own computer resources and storage. That means greater security (no data commingling) and superior control over your site.

Greater Security 
  • Each site resides in its own Virtual Private Cloud, with separate encryption keys and no commingling of data.
  • Choose custom options for security, backup and disaster recovery, including high availability options in other regions.
Superior Control
  • Configure resources for each matter, scaling up server, database and review capacity during peak review periods for as long as needed.
  • Position sites globally (including in your own AWS environment) for compliance with HIPAA, GDPR, and other privacy regulations.

On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing

Thanks to  DiscoveryPartner‘s unique single-tenant architecture, we’re able to bring you Cloud Utility Pricing. No longer are you tied to monthly fees. With our model, you pay for computing resources by the hour.

Utility Savings

Pay one rate when actively using the site, and a significantly lower rate when you’re not. Enjoy savings of up to 70% on hosting costs simply by switching off the site when it’s not needed.

  • Turn sites on when you need them and off when you don’t.
  • Run sites on a schedule to maximize savings during off hours.
  • Use  DiscoveryPartner’s Site Energy Saver to turn sites off when not in use.
  • Power your site back on within minutes, when it’s needed.

With Cloud Utility Pricing, you’ll be astonished at the cost savings you can achieve without compromising functionality or performance. 

Going Green

Reduce energy consumption and shrink your carbon footprint by powering off sites when not needed. Set up the site scheduler or let  DiscoveryPartner’s automated Site Energy Saver shut off your site whenever it’s idle. 

We’re proud to pioneer the first green computing initiative.  Achieve significant hosting cost savings, curb emissions, and support your Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals.


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Ready to Move Beyond Keywords?

We’re taking search to the next level by integrating keywords with AI machine learning.
Contact us to see how we can help you move beyond the limitations of keyword search.
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