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Cloud Discovery

Our full-featured software platform integrates machine learning and cloud technologies to make discovery and investigations faster, easier and more cost-effective.

Our Objective?

Revolutionize legal investigations and discovery workflow
with AI and advanced cloud technologies.

We set out to create a more efficient, cost-effective solution for legal teams.

The result is DiscoveryPartner, a next-gen, scalable
discovery platform purpose built for the cloud.

We’re out to make discovery more fun, too.

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Not our first rodeo . . .

Pioneers in AI cloud discovery

Our founder and his team built one of the first cloud discovery platforms in the late 1990s. They delivered the first multi-language system in 2007, and introduced CAL (continuous active learning) for technology assisted review in 2012.

Today, our team of legal and technology experts are pushing the boundaries of Generative AI, cloud architecture and utility pricing to make finding, analyzing and reviewing information easier and more cost-effective than ever before.

An experienced team led by an ediscovery pioneer with cutting-edge AI and all-new cloud technology. That’s a powerful combination. Worth a serious look.

Innovation by Design

Unleashing the full potential of AI and the cloud

AI-Driven InsightsFind, analyze and review faster and more effectively with advanced AI.

GenAI and machine learning make it easier to find, analyze and review information in large document sets.

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Enhanced SecuritySingle-tenant provides greater security and control over your data.

Eliminate data commingling and support enhanced security and local hosting to meet data protection requirements.

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Utility SavingsReduce hosting costs by up to 60% with On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing.

Pay one hourly rate when you are using the site and a reduced rate when the site is offline. Go green and save on hosting.

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Powered by Sherlock

Advanced algorithms to help find, analyze and review . . . faster.

DiscoveryPartner is powered by Sherlock, which combines Generative AI with advanced machine learning and algorithmic search. These intelligent systems work together seamlessly, enabling you to efficiently find, analyze and review documents, transcripts, chat and other ESI. The result is a faster and more cost-effective process, with significant time savings as outcomes are delivered in minutes, not hours or days.

This allows legal professionals to focus on the bigger picture: developing strategy, exercising judgment and putting the story together. It’s nice on the legal budget, too.

Single-Tenant Secure

Enhanced security, personalized configuration, local control.

Each DiscoveryPartner site is securely housed in its own Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), ensuring exclusive computing resources and strict data separation. This distinctive single-tenant architecture not only bolsters security but also facilitates tailored backup and disaster recovery solutions, and enables local hosting for compliance with data privacy regulations.

Eschewing the multi-tenant architectures characteristic of traditional data centers, DiscoveryPartner prioritizes data isolation and customizable site configurations. This approach safeguards your data independently, eliminating risks associated with shared infrastructure vulnerabilities. With DiscoveryPartner, your data’s security is insulated from potential breaches, effectively removing the ‘weakest link’ concern in shared security environments.

On/Off Cloud Utility Savings

Why pay by the month when you can pay by the minute?

Experience the flexibility and budget friendliness of On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing. Pay one rate when the site is on and a substantially lower rate when it’s off.

Turn sites off manually or set up daily schedules. Better yet, let our unique Site Energy Saver automatically power down idle sites—like lights when you leave a room. Turn your site  back on in minutes with just a click.

Save up to 60% on hosting costs by turning the site off when you don’t need it.

Go Green

Software that supports sustainability.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and shrink your carbon footprint by turning the site off when you aren’t using it.

Set the Site Energy Saver to turn off your site whenever it’s idle for more than a few minutes. Good for your organization, good for the planet.

We’re proud to pioneer the first green computing initiative in the industry. Go green and save on hosting costs.

Take action to protect our planet.

Don’t just take our word for it.

See what legal industry innovators have to say about how DiscoveryPartner is transforming their workflows.

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