Find, analyze and review large document volumes in seconds--versus hours or days--with AI-powered ediscovery and investigations.

Meet Your New AI-Powered EDiscovery Partner

DiscoveryPartner is the first full-featured, multi-large language model (LLM) integrated ediscovery and investigation platform designed to simplify workflows–delivering results in seconds versus hours or days.

DiscoveryPartner Has You Covered, Start to Finish

DiscoveryPartner is purpose built to handle every phase of the discovery lifecycle, from processing and search to analysis, review workflow, products and user and site management. 

Processing and Productions

Native, image and text processing and productions, including emails, instant messaging and office, social and media files. 

Visual Analytics

Timelines, charting, word clouds and results analysis including shared reports and role-based configurable dashboards.

Keyword Search

Field, text and tag searching including full-featured Boolean operators for complex keyword and tag searches with full sorting capabilities.

Review Workflow

Set up CAL review workflows, tracking metrics and progress with full validation statistics. Sophisticated queuing rather than batching allows reviewers to work simultaneously.

Algorithmic Search

Integrated AI machine learning to enhance  and extend keyword search including our unique Freeform search capabilities. 

Site and User Management

User controlled site management and a built-in unique site schedule that allows you to set site operating hours to save on costs.

A Quick Look at DiscoveryPartner

DiscoveryPartner is a full-featured search, investigation and review platform. Take a quick walk through some of its features. 

Meet Sherlock AI, a Faster and Easier Way to Navigate Large Discovery Sets

Need to quickly find relevant facts for an internal investigation? Get summaries of key events, timelines and players? Review and classify documents, with justifications for each decision? Identify people to depose? Parse through transcripts for case prep?

Sherlock AI can take the lead. It’s the power behind DiscoveryPartner, comprised of lightning-fast and scalable machine learning algorithms with integrated GPT and a unique multi-LLM approach to save on costs. 

What Can Sherlock AI Do for You and Your Team?

Sherlock AI gets you answers, fast, for whatever questions you need answered. Start with finding relevant documents and move seamlessly to analyzing and reviewing them to aid in investigations, ECA, document review, case and depo prep, and so much more. Get answers along with links to the supporting documents.  

Find relevant information, no complex keyword searches or sampling needed.

Unearth potentially relevant documents without crafting complex keyword searches. Sherlock AI keys off your judgments to quickly and effectively find relevant documents.  Simply click Thumbs Up for a relevant one, and Sherlock AI will analyze and rank the entire collection in milliseconds.

Summarize documents, get to the good stuff sooner.

Ask Sherlock AI to analyze and summarize documents – from one to thousands. Sherlock AI will read and analyze every word, providing you with summaries of issues, outlines of potential witnesses and many other areas you’re interested in–in seconds–along with links to the supporting documents.

Create investigation reports, make faster and better case decisions.

Ask Sherlock AI for insights, including important discussions, key people involved, timelines, relevant rules and regulations, and other areas of concern. You’ll get a comprehensive investigation report in seconds–with links to supporting sources–so you can make dramatically faster, more informed case decisions. 

Augment document review, put your team to higher value work. 

Ask Sherlock AI about your documents, and it will read and fully analyze them, marking them as responsive (or not) and giving you the reasons for its decisions. All in a fraction of the time it would typically take. 

Prepare for depositions, hone in on individuals and topics.

Ask Sherlock AI to identify the individuals to depose, why and what topics should be covered. Sherlock AI will search documents, interpret who said what and when by issue, and create summaries, along with links to documents ranked by relevance. You can even seek out contradictory statements. 

Structure your case, find important evidence in transcripts. 

Accelerate case strategy and expert testimony preparation. Ask Sherlock AI to parse through transcripts and large volumes of SMS text messages quickly to get answers, helping you build trial strategies with passages to use during trial.

Way More Than Just AI-Powered EDiscovery

DiscoveryPartner is architected from ground up for the cloud with unique single-tenant architecture–unencumbered by outdated software and code–for maximum efficiency, effectiveness and savings. 

With DiscoveryPartner, you have a winning team by your side.

Enhanced Security

Each site resides in its own Virtual Private Cloud with no shared computing resources and no commingling of data (single-tenant architecture).

Utility Savings with On/Off Hourly Pricing

With first-of-its-kind Utility Pricing, pay one hourly rate when you’re using the site and a 70% reduced rate when the site is turned off.

Unique Multi-LLM Approach

Unlike other AI-powered ediscovery platforms that only use oneLLM, DiscoveryPartner accesses LLMs from multiple vendors for different tasks, giving you the flexibility to use the best, most cost-effective LLM for the task required.

Flexible, For More Than Just EDiscovery

DiscoveryPartner is perfect for internal investigations, third party subpoenas and subpoena management, FOIA requests, M&A due diligence, small claims management, patient-reported data, email archives and other pre-litigation and business needs.

Easy to Use, Almost Zero Training

Built with an intuitive UI, DiscoveryPartner is user friendly. No complex keyword searches, sampling or consultants required. Simply ask Sherlock AI to find, analyze or review documents, and you’re quickly on your way.

Local and Global Deployment

We can deploy your sites worldwide, even within your AWS environment, while offering flexible redundancy and disaster recovery and ensuring adherence to local data laws including GDPR and other data privacy rules.

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