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GenAI, cloud-native software
for discovery and investigations.
With on/off cloud utility pricing.

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DiscoveryPartner is a full featured, AI-powered platform for document search, analysis and review. It harnesses Generative AI algorithms, workflow automation and advanced cloud technologies to make discovery and investigations more efficient and effective. 

DiscoveryPartner turbocharges finding, analyzing and reviewing documents, delivering results, analysis and sophisticated reports in minutes, rather than hours or days. It’s a faster, easier and more cost-effective way to find information in large document sets.

Hosted securely in the AWS cloud, DiscoveryPartner employs a unique single-tenant architecture for enhanced security and global data control. It also allows us to offer On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing, which can reduce hosting costs by up to 60%. Simply turn off the site when not in use, or use the scheduling tools to automatically save on hosting while supporting green computing.

End-to-End Discovery and Investigations Platform.

DiscoveryPartner is an end-to-end platform, designed to automate and simplify every phase of the discovery lifecycle.

Processing and Productions

Native, image and text processing and productions, including emails, instant messaging, documents and media files.

Keyword Search

Field, text and tag searching with advanced Boolean operators for complex keyword and tag statements, with full sorting capabilities.

Algorithmic Search

Integrated AI machine learning to enhance and extend keyword search including our unique Freeform and semantic search capabilities.

Visual Analytics

Timelines, charting, word clouds and results analysis including private/shared reports and role-based configurable dashboards.

Review Workflow

Create linear and CAL review workflows, track progress, and validate results with sampling. Review queues rather than clunky batches.

Site and User Management

User, role, tags, review and production management, including macros. Use the site scheduler and energy saver to save on hosting.

Powered by GenAI and Advanced Machine Learning.

DiscoveryPartner is powered by Sherlock, a set of GenAI and sophisticated machine learning algorithms working together in tandem. Collectively, they allow you to find, analyze and review documents in a fraction of the time it takes to do the work manually.

Sherlock can assist in critical tasks such as:

  • Find: Quickly and accurately identify relevant documents, eliminating the need for laborious keyword searches.
  • Summarize: Summarize documents, text and transcripts based on case theories or specific information needs.
  • Analyze: Synthesize and distill critical information across multiple files creating timelines and key topical reports.
  • Review: Read and classify documents, furnishing detailed reasons for each judgment along with relevance ranking.

Sherlock frees you to focus on the bigger picture: exercising judgment, providing advice and developing investigation and case strategies. It frees clients from expensive discovery bills, by substituting advanced AI systems for costly and time consuming manual labor. It’s a win-win for both sides, often with better analytical output in the bargain.

With Enhanced Site Security and On/Off Utility Pricing.

Single-Tenant Security

DiscoveryPartner was designed from scratch to run in a locked-down, single-tenant environment.

Dedicated computing resources and isolated data storage (no commingling) means greater security and increased control over your data.

We’re using the cloud the way it was meant to be used.

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Cloud Utility Pricing

Our single-tenant architecture set the stage for our first ever On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing program.

Pay one hourly rate when using the site and a 70% lower rate when it is turned off. Set operating hours or use our unique Site Energy Saver.

Pay by the minute, rather than by the month and save.

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The Bottom Line

DiscoveryPartner is a faster, easier and more cost-effective way to find,
review and analyze large document sets for discovery and investigations.

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