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Partner Program

Merlin is a partner-centric technology company. See how you can offer more competitive services to your clients.

Become a Partner

Merlin is a partner-focused AI and cloud technologies software company. We are looking for service provider and consulting partners to deliver our software and provide the support and services our clients need to make their projects a success.

Our partners enjoy both expanded offerings and new revenue streams by adding DiscoveryPartner to their solution set.

Here are just some of the benefits our partners deliver:

  • On/Off Cloud Hourly and Monthly Pricing allows you to offer more competitive hosting to save clients money when their sites are not in use.
  • Our software is simple to use. There’s no special expertise or certified masters needed to administer or train the software.
  • Single-tenant architecture increases security for your clients and dramatically reduces risk to your business (no data commingling).
  • Improve social value and support ESG initiatives. When clients turn off sites, we’re reducing demand for carbon-producing electricity and minimizing the carbon footprint of the data center.

We have several partnership models and we’d love to connect.

Partner Spotlight

We are proud to partner with i-Lit Support to deliver agile, cost-effective, consultative, litigation support services.

i-Lit provides eDiscovery advice, services and support across the entire lifecycle of litigation and investigation matters, from collections to courtroom presentation; working with a broad cross-section of the UK’s top 200 law firms on matters of all sizes and complexity. i-Lit Support has an accumulated fifty years’ experience of managing projects ranging from small commercial disputes up to global, multi-billion dollar disputes, while delivering predictable, highly-competitive pricing.

Learn more about i-Lit Support and their commitment to deliver the very highest levels of service and support.

We are proud to partner with Trace Forensic Experts for forensic accounting.

Trace Forensic Experts provide forensic accounting services of the highest quality to their clients that consistently exceed their expectations. Their elite team of forensic experts has the combination of professional skills and experience needed to resolve complex disputes and challenges. Every client is important to them – no matter the size of the company or the size of the matter.

They can serve as expert witnesses or forensic accountants, assessing the intricacies of each matter, the level of urgency, and the potential damages to expedite the matter in the most efficient and effective manner. They are equipped with advanced techniques and cutting-edge technologies to accommodate each client’s specific requirements. Their clients include law firms, audit committees, general counsel, chief compliance officers, internal auditors, chief financial officers and controllers, business executives, and local, state, and federal governments.

Learn more about the Trace Forensic Experts team and the custom-tailored services they offer.

We are proud to partner with Legality | Labs to help deliver innovative and cost-effective technology that supports their team of legal-technology consultants.

Legality | Labs works aside solo attorneys, boutique law firms, and corporate legal departments as trusted consultants for legal technology and innovation. Their team of legal-technology professionals thrives on delivering the highest quality consulting services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. They draw from a wide range of cutting-edge legal technology solutions (like Sherlock AI) to simplify and streamline legal operations. From assistance with individual matters to firm-wide improvement and change management, their services are tailored to meet your firm’s individual needs.

Learn more about the Legality | Labs team and the custom-tailored services they offer.

We are proud to partner with Cobra Legal Solutions for forensics, data collection and review.

Cobra Legal Solutions was founded over a decade ago by BigLaw attorneys who knew there were better ways to deliver cost-effective legal services. Cobra’s diverse team of like-minded professionals combine deep experience in eDiscovery, contracts and due diligence, document review, legal research, and technology to deliver consistent, measurable results for corporate legal departments and their outside counsel.

Cobra provides experienced and highly-skilled professionals, ISO certified processes, and industry-leading technologies to revolutionize the delivery of legal solutions to Fortune 100 corporations and AmLaw 100 firms.

Aligning itself with client organizations and objectives, Cobra’s track record of helping corporate legal departments and their outside counsel get more value from their legal processes is unrivaled. From eDiscovery, document review, contracts and due diligence, and legal research to technology integrations, Cobra is led by a seasoned management team with extensive experience in the legal industry.

Learn more about the Cobra Legal Solutions team and the legal support services they offer.

We are proud to partner with Actuate Law and its technology subsidiary quointec to build legal compliance systems for the firm and its many clients. Our first project was a system to help large consumer debt holders comply with the complex national, state and local regulations that govern debt collection. Actuate and quointec worked with Merlin to design the system and to integrate their legal knowledge into the rules set that governs collection practices across the country.

Learn more about the Actuate Law team and the legal services they offer.

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