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A successful NewLaw compliance, review and legal workflow platform requires more than just great software. It starts with a deep understanding of the client’s needs and a plan to address those needs through a well-crafted software design. It also requires excellent support once the platform is delivered. Delivering great service before, during and after the project commences is every bit as important as building the software itself.

Merlin is a partner-focused technology company. While we have extensive workflow expertise, we are not a consulting shop and look to our partners to help design and support our projects. Our best partners work hand and hand with us—both as we develop client software and for support and operations.

If you are a NewLaw organization, we should be talking. We build NewLaw technology and infrastructure. 

Become a Partner

We invite you to apply to our partnership program and work together with us to design, build and support these NewLaw workflow systems. Our clients will be better off with a team that includes people who are close by and know their business needs. 

If you are thinking about becoming a Merlin partner, reach out. We will get back to you right away. Or contact us at We look forward to working with you and providing the best possible software and services to your clients. 

Contact Us About Becoming a Partner
Contact Us About Becoming a Partner

“Merlin is a partner-centric company. We will work with you to deliver the compliance workflow your clients need. You have my word on it.”

John Tredennick, Founder and CEO

Marquis Partner: Actuate Law & quointec

We are proud to partner with Actuate Law and their technology subsidiary quointec  to build legal compliance systems for the firm and its many clients. 

Founded by a team of Big Law veterans, Actuate blends the nimble entrepreneurialism of a boutique start-up with the wisdom and experience that comes from decades of deftly handling complex and sophisticated litigation, transactional, and compliance matters. The partners are a team of seasoned trial lawyers and legal professionals with a track record of achieving exceptional results for businesses and individuals in a broad array of industries. Like the clients they serve, Actuage law is constantly striving to achieve the “impossible triangle” of better, faster, and less costly.

To better serve its clients twenty-first century needs, Actuate Law formed a technology subsidiary, quointec, to develop and deliver compliance software for its clients. Born out of actuate law’s commitment to advancing the development of expert systems to solve everyday legal and compliance challenges, quointec designs and builds systems that automate the delivery of legal advice and create custom compliance solutions. We forged collaborative partnerships with other service providers to provide more comprehensive answers to client challenges.

Merlin partners with Actuate Law and quointec to design, build and deliver compliance software for their clients. We are currently in the process of delivering a system to help large consumer debt holders navigate and comply with the complex national, state and local regulations that govern debt collection. Actuate and quointec worked with Merlin to design the system and to integrate their legal knowledge into the rules set that governs collection practices across the country. 

We are in the process of releasing software to help our partner and their clients comply with federal, state and local debt collection regulations.  To learn more contact:

Dara Tarkowski

Dara Tarkowski
Founding Partner, Actuate Law
Chief Innovation Strategist, Quointec 

Martin Tully

Martin Tully
Founding Partner
Actuate Law

Randy Rivera

Randy Rivera
Chief Innovation Facilitator

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