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Since its debut in late 2022, ChatGPT has been hailed as a revolutionary technology with transformative potential, especially within the legal sector.  Fast forward to today, and GPT, Claude, and other Large Language Models (LLMs) have continued to usher in a new era for investigation and discovery workflow. Rather than rely on keyword searches and time-consuming human analysis, legal professionals can now leverage these new AI technologies to find relevant information, answer questions, summarize transcripts, create investigation reports, and conduct document review – achieving in seconds what has typically required hours or days of effort.

How can today’s legal professional leverage Generative AI in practice?
Join us for a one-hour, informative master class to find out!

During the presentation we’ll share:

  • An overview of Generative AI – what it is and how it works
  • How Generative AI models are trained
  • Review the strengths, limitations, and security behind the technology
  • Details about hallucinations and how to mitigate their risk
  • Ways to transform investigation and discovery workflow
  • We have a big announcement to share during the webinar. You won’t want to miss it!

Don’t miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and harness the power of GenAI in your practice. Register now and prepare to be amazed at how GenAI can lighten your discovery workload, increase efficiency, and help you provide in greater client service.

Our Speakers:

John Tredennick is the founder and CEO of Merlin Search Technologies, a software company leveraging generative AI and cloud technologies to make investigation and discovery workflow faster, easier, and less expensive. Prior to that he was founder and CEO of Catalyst Repository Systems, which was sold to a large public technology company in early 2019. For the first 20 years of his career, he was a trial lawyer and litigation partner at Holland & Hart, a national law firm based in the Rocky Mountains. Tredennick regularly speaks and writes on legal technology and AI topics, and has authored eight books and scores of articles on discovery technology issues.


Dr. William Webber is the Chief Data Scientist of Merlin  Search Technologies. He completed his PhD in Measurement in Information Retrieval  Evaluation at the University of Melbourne under Professors Alistair Moffat and Justin  Zobel, and his post-doctoral research at the E-Discovery Lab of the University of  Maryland under Professor Doug Oard.

With over 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications in the areas of information retrieval, statistical evaluation, and machine learning, he is a world expert in AI and statistical measurement for information retrieval and ediscovery. He has almost a decade of industry experience as a consulting data scientist to ediscovery software vendors, service providers, and law firms. 

John Tredennick, CEO and Founder at Merlin Search Technologies

Dr. William Webber, Chief Data Scientist at Merlin Search Technologies

Transforming Discovery with GenAI 

Take a look at our research and GenAI platform integration work on our GenAI page.

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