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Merlin Search Technologies Announces Strategic Partnership with U.S. Legal Support to Provide GenAI-Powered Deposition Summary Service

Merlin’s cutting-edge GenAI technology will power U.S. Legal Support’s DepoSummary Pro™ enabling legal professionals to streamline case preparation and strategy.

Denver, CO—Merlin Search Technologies, a pioneering AI and cloud technology software company, today announced a strategic partnership with U.S. Legal Support, the nation’s leading provider of litigation support services. Under this partnership, Merlin will provide its state-of-the-art GenAI technology to power U.S. Legal Support’s new GenAI-generated deposition summary service, DepoSummary Pro.

Merlin’s advanced AI algorithms will enable DepoSummary Pro to quickly analyze lengthy deposition transcripts and generate concise, multi-layered summaries. This will allow legal professionals to rapidly identify key testimony, streamline case preparation, and develop effective strategies more efficiently.

“We are excited to partner with U.S. Legal Support and contribute to the development of DepoSummary Pro,” said John Tredennick, CEO and Founder of Merlin Search Technologies. “This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize the legal industry through the power of AI. By combining our cutting-edge technology with U.S. Legal Support’s extensive reach and exceptional service, we can empower legal professionals nationwide with tools to enhance their productivity and effectiveness.”

Enhancing Deposition Review with Multi-Layered AI Summaries

Merlin’s AI technology will power DepoSummary Pro to generate comprehensive, multi-layered deposition summaries, including:

  1. Testimony Abstract: A high-level overview of the entire deposition, highlighting key topics and answers to major lines of inquiry.
  2. Organization by Key Sections: Intelligent grouping of testimony segments into coherent sections, providing a narrative overview of the deposition.
  3. Explicit Statements & References: Detailed summaries of admissions and testimony at the page-line level, enabling quick access to specific statements.
  4. Transcript Links: Users can jump from the summary to the actual testimony to confirm the summary statement, returning back to the summary with a click.

“Our partnership with U.S. Legal Support underscores the immense potential of AI in transforming legal workflows,” said Dr. William Webber, Merlin’s Chief Scientist. “By leveraging our advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities, DepoSummary Pro will enable attorneys to extract valuable insights from deposition transcripts more quickly and accurately than ever before.”

Secure, Compliant, and Seamlessly Integrated

DepoSummary Pro, powered by Merlin’s AI technology, will operate within U.S. Legal Support’s robust security framework, ensuring the highest levels of data protection and compliance. The generated summaries will be delivered securely through U.S. Legal Support’s SOC 2 Type 2 and HIPAA compliant Client Portal, along with the final transcripts.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Merlin Search Technologies to bring the power of AI to our clients,” said Jimmie Bridwell, CEO of U.S. Legal Support. “DepoSummary Pro, powered by Merlin’s innovative technology, will be a game-changer for legal professionals, enabling them to streamline their case preparation and focus on delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients.”

DepoSummary Pro will be available exclusively through U.S. Legal Support, as part of their comprehensive suite of litigation support services. The service will provide fully editable summaries in both .TXT and .PDF formats, complete with hyperlinked citations, table of contents, and multiple navigation options for ease of use.

Contact us for more information about Merlin Search Technologies and its groundbreaking AI solutions for the legal industry.

About Merlin Search Technologies

Founded in 2019, Merlin Search Technologies is a leader in AI and secure cloud technology, harnessing the transformative power of Generative AI to reengineer search, investigations, and discovery workflows for the digital age. As industry trailblazers, Merlin offers the first-ever On/Off Cloud Utility Pricing, allowing clients to reduce hosting costs, support green computing, and make discovery more secure, flexible, and cost-effective.

With a team bringing two decades of experience designing and building advanced discovery platforms for the largest companies and law firms worldwide, Merlin is poised to redefine the future of search, investigations, and discovery. Driven by innovation and backed by cutting-edge AI and cloud technologies, Merlin’s mission is to revolutionize how legal professionals handle complex challenges by enabling clients to find critical information faster, more effectively and at lower costs than ever before.

About U.S. Legal Support 

U.S. Legal Support was founded in 1996 with a single goal: to be the first nationwide, all-inclusive litigation support company. Over the last nearly thirty years, our mission has remained the same: to build lasting relationships with our legal industry partners by delivering exceptional litigation support services. With a full suite of court reporting solutions, record retrieval, interpreting & translations, trial services and transcription services, we serve the legal industry better. For more information about U.S. Legal Support, visit


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CEO and Founder
Merlin Search Technologies

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Marketing Manager
Merlin Search Technologies

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