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Transforming Ediscovery with GenAI

As the world of generative AI and large language models (LLMs)  evolves, the Merlin team continues to dive deep into its powerful features, functions and possibilities to better understand what this exciting  technology can do for large scale data set analysis, including investigations and discovery. We’re poised to revolutionize this second half of the discovery process–analysis and review–to slash time and costs, while allowing clients to move discovery and case understanding forward faster. 


Stay tuned for DiscoveryPartner Build 100 – the official launch of DiscoveryPartner, our investigation and discovery platform with fully integrated generative AI capabilities coming mid-October, 2023! 


In the meantime, connect with us to learn more about our innovations and ongoing developments.


John Tredennick, Merlin CEO and founder


Dr. William Webber, Merlin Chief Data Scientist


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See How DiscoveryPartner Summarizes, Analyzes and Reviews Discovery Documents–in Seconds

Using ChatGPT and Other LLMs to Transform Investigations and EDiscovery

Cloud Utility Pricing: Reducing EDiscovery Hosting Costs and Going Green


Sept. 11, 2023: Using a Multi-LLM Platform for Investigations and Ediscovery: Smarter and Way More Cost-Effective 


How much money are you leaving on the table if you’re exploring a generative AI discovery platform with just one LLM? Choosing a platform that can access GenAI products from multiple vendors for different tasks is the smarter, more cost-effective way to go. 

Sept. 11, 2023Are LLMs Like GPT Secure? Or Do I Risk Waiving Attorney-Client or Work-Product Privileges? 


The elephant in the room: Are LLMs Like GPT secure and are we risking confidentiality and privilege when we send client data to these AI platforms for analysis? Our resident legal and AI experts (John Tredennick and Dr. Webber) weigh in.

Aug. 29, 2023How Much Do Large Language Models Like GPT Cost? 


Are you considering purchasing a commercial license to access GPT? Each Large Language Model (LLM) is slightly different—even different versions of the same model—one may have a larger content window while another is faster.  We did the research and the math to find out which LLM  model is most cost effective for different jobs. Spoiler: a mix and match approach based on the matter and documents is ideal.

Aug. 20, 2023: Using Multi-LLM Systems for Investigations and Ediscovery: Fast, Flexible and Cost-Effective 


Why should ediscovery platforms access generative AI products from multiple vendors? How does a multi-LLM system work? How does a particular LLM–such as OpenAI (GPT), Microsoft or Anthropic (Claude)–perform for a particular task, such as document summarization or synthesis? We answer these questions using our AI ediscovery platform, DiscoveryPartner.

Aug. 9, 2023: Using LLMs to Analyze Deposition and Hearing Transcripts: Faster, Better and Cheaper (Everything, Everywhere, All at Once) 


Imagine creating a detailed deposition summary–in seconds. Instead of paging through search hits from the transcript, why not just ask an LLM to tell you what the testimony is on your subject. You can even ask the LLM to point out inconsistencies in testimony.  Deposition summaries and transcript analysis can take hours and cost thousands in legal fees when done manually. Why not use an LLM for this work?


Aug. 4, 2023Too Busy to Read AI-Pocalypse: The Shocking Impact on Law Firm Profitability? Let GenAI Read It For You. 

Too busy to read? Recently Ryan McClead, Greg Lambert and Toby Brown of Three Geeks and a Law Blog wrote a fascinating three-part analysis on the impact of generative AI on law firm profitability that should be required reading for everyone in the legal profession. Doom and gloom?  Or better than the oft-cited Goldman Sachs article suggests? We took the easy way out and asked Claude 2 and GPT 4 to summarize this important topic for you.

July 25, 2023: Your New Litigation Associate: ChatGPT


We decided to give GPT a try as our new litigation associate. How did she do? Read on. You’ll be amazed at what GPT can do in minutes, rather than hours. And for the LLM cost of about $1.

July 17, 2023: Using GPT and Claude to Investigate TREC Topics: Florida’s Summer 2012 Olympics Bid 


We put B2 to work on a TREC topic. The responses are unfiltered from GPT and Claude.Take a look at how effective these LLMs are at analyzing and summarizing information for investigations and discovery.

July 5, 2023: Harnessing GPT for Investigations and Ediscovery: From Search Hits to Discovery Answers 


ChatGPT heralds a new era for discovery–one that moves beyond search. Watch GPT analyze discovery documents in the first integrated discovery platform.

June 7, 2023 ( Five Ways to Use ChatGPT for Investigations and Ediscovery 

Most ediscovery efforts start with a Rule 34 Request for Production. We put GPT to the test, using one of the legal track topics from NIST’s annual TREC, to see GPT’s effectiveness for help with keyword searches, summarizing documents, answering questions about specific documents, creating an investigation report and document review itself. The cost savings could run into billions of dollars, and review times can go from months to days.  Read on!

April 16, 2023 (ComplexDiscovery): Magic and Hallucinations? Considering ChatGPT in eDiscovery 


In a recent webinar hosted by EDRM, we explored the potential integration of GPT in eDiscovery platforms, touching on the concepts of defensibility and hallucinations. Here’s a Q&A  that may be beneficial for consideration by practitioners investigating how to leverage this powerful tool.

April 15, 2023: Five Questions We Didn’t Get to Answer During our EDRM Webinar ChatGPT 101 


Get answers to your questions on whether queries and responses are confidential, how ChatGPT fits into the concept of user privacy, does the Hallucination factor limit its use where defensibility is critical, and where GPT is headed next.

Feb. 26, 2023 ( Will ChatGPT replace ediscovery review teams? 


We wrote a follow up article to the throne published by, “What Will Ediscovery Lawyers Do After ChatGPT?” The article–the first of its type since the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI just six weeks earlier–shared results from our research using the new Large Language Model (LLM) algorithm to address common ediscovery tasks such as crafting a Boolean search, document summarization and even first-pass review. 

Jan. 26, 2023 ( What Will Ediscovery Lawyers Do After ChatGPT? 

What is ChatGPT and why does it have ediscovery lawyers worried about their future? We put ChatGPT to the test to explore how it might help legal professionals with ediscovery tasks, from framing a search query to aiding an investigation. 

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