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Sending 132 Documents to Sherlock

In this video, we start Sherlock by sending him 132 relevant documents. In milliseconds he has analyzed the documents we sent, built an AI model and applied it to the almost two million emails we have on this site. Almost instantly, Sherlock brings us more relevant documents along with a list of key terms he finds important. 

Why is this a game changer for search? Imagine how easy it will be to find information when all you have to do is send relevant documents to Sherlock. Sending multiple documents to Sherlock turbo charges the process, moving the training forward by an order of magnitude. 

Finding documents using keyword search is a painful process, one that requires you to master complicated Boolean syntax and figure out which words and phrases the writers are using. And even if you get that right, the best keyword searches find too many of what you aren’t looking for and too few of what you are looking for. 

Have you ever thought to yourself, There has to be a better way to find what I am looking for? 

We have. And Sherlock was our answer.

John Tredennick is the founder and CEO of Merlin Search Technologies,
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