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Sherlock and the Case of the Florida Ticket Scalpers

Our mission today is to track down emails discussing Florida’s plan to legalize ticket scalping. There was a bill before the Florida legislature that would soon head toward Governor Bush’s desk.  Some supported it, others urged a veto. We need to find out who is pushing the Governor in either direction. 

Using keyword search, we found a good email that included an article discussing the new bill to allow ticket resales. Rather than keep looking in our search results, we sent the document to Sherlock, asking our AI powered digital bloodhound to find more.  

Unfortunately, our starting document contained dozens of links to other, unrelated, articles from the Palm Beach Post.  Sherlock mistakenly thought these were important clues and brought back a document that was not about ticket scalping, but did have lots of other Palm Beach Post links. What to do?

We gave the document a “Thumbs Down” to let Sherlock know that wasn’t what we were looking for? Could Sherlock get back on track to help find what we needed? 

Tune in to see how Sherlock handles this problem in this episode of Sherlock and the Case of the Florida Ticket Scalpers. 

John Tredennick is the founder and CEO of Merlin Search Technologies,
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