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Exploring Transcripts with Generative AI

January 3, 2024

Depositions and hearing transcripts are a key part of the litigation process but are often overlooked when we talk about ediscovery. You might notice that there is no EDRM stage for depositions, the primary focus is on documents. Transcripts simply don’t fit well into document-centric litigation support systems.

The Traditional Approach: Time-Consuming and Expensive

To date, we look to associates and legal assistants to read and summarize transcripts. At an average of 20 pages an hour, that process is time consuming and expensive. What’s worse, all you get is a Word file with statements and page/line references. To view the testimony, you have to find and open the transcript.

Revolutionizing Transcript Summarization with Generative AI

With Generative AI, we have a new way to summarize, analyze and review transcripts. To be sure, a large language model like GPT can read and summarize a hearing or deposition transcript in minutes, rather than hours. But why stop there. We can put the summaries online, allowing the reader to jump directly to relevant transcript sections and access the testimony directly.

Transcript Explorer: Transforming Information Access

Even more important, a system like our Transcript Explorer will allow you to search across transcripts asking questions rather than creating keyword searches. GPT will then review relevant transcript sections and provide answers rather than search hits. It is a powerful new way to access transcript information, one that costs far less than traditional paper summaries and can be done in a fraction of the time.

A Game-Changing Advantage

Being able to search and ask questions across transcripts takes things to an entirely new level. Clients will not only save substantial amounts on transcript summaries, but even greater amounts when legal teams have to analyze the transcripts and prepare to use them in legal briefs–let alone for hearings and trials. Judges and arbitrators will find these tools invaluable as they try to confirm their memory or notes with actual testimony.

Watch this video to see the next generation of transcript management brought to you by Merlin Search Technologies.

John Tredennick, CEO and founder, Merlin 

Dr. William Webber, Chief Data Scientist, Merlin

Transforming Discovery with GenAI 

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