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Using Generative AI to Revolutionize Investigations and Discovery Workflow

An In-Person Masterclass for Legal Innovators 

Date & Location: Tuesday, October 10, 2023, 12:00- 2:00 pm, Bloomsbury at Landmark – 99 Bishopsgate, London. Light lunch provided.

 Since its debut in late 2022, ChatGPT has been hailed as groundbreaking technology with the potential to reshape numerous industries including the legal profession. The applications for investigation and ediscovery are far-reaching. Large language models (LLMs) like GPT and Claude 2 are transforming discovery workflows, replacing expensive manual workflow with machine learning. 

Two of the leading experts on harnessing LLMs for discovery and disclosure will show you how you can use LLMs for such things as the following:

  • Summarizing and analyzing relevant documents, transcripts, and SMS texts.
  • Providing answers to complex questions about documents or transcripts.
  • Identifying key participants, creating timelines, and summarizing key events.
  • Generating comprehensive investigation reports tailored to your objectives.
  • Conducting document review, with detailed reasons for classifications.

All of this can be done in a fraction of the time and cost of human review. 

We’ll end by taking on the elephant in the room: Are LLMs like GPT secure?  Are we risking confidentiality and privilege when we send client data to these AI platforms for analysis? 

Join us for an illuminating 90 minutes (plus a complimentary lunch) focused on using LLMs to re-engineer and improve investigation and ediscovery workflows.

Video: Using GPT and Generative AI to Summarize, Analyze and Review Discovery Documents
Praise for our Speakers

“John Tredennick and his Merlin team are taking ediscovery to new levels—not just with a revolutionary AI-powered search and discovery platform but also through Cloud Utility Pricing.”

Mary Mack, CEO and Chief Legal Technologist, EDRM Global


“John Tredennick and William Webber at Merlin Search are openly sharing their impressive progress into the use of generative AI (GPT and Claude), in both practical applications for ediscovery, as well as thoughtful articles and opinion pieces on generative AI and the how it can be used to supercharge the litigation process.”

Matthew Golab (Sydney AU) Advisory Board, International Council, Information Governance ANZ

Andrew King (Auckland NZ) Founder & Strategic Advisor E-Discovery Consulting Auckland NZ

Our Presenters

Our presenters are two leading experts on harnessing Generative AI for litigation and government investigations. Together with the Merlin team, they are the creators of DiscoveryPartner, the most advanced GenAI investigations and discovery platform available.

John Tredennick (JT@Merlin.Tech) is the CEO and founder of Merlin Search Technologies, a software company leveraging generative AI and cloud technologies to make investigation and discovery workflow faster, easier and less expensive. Prior to founding Merlin, Tredennick had a distinguished career as a trial lawyer and litigation partner at a national law firm. 

With his expertise in legal technology, he founded Catalyst in 2000, an international ediscovery technology company that was acquired in 2019 by a large public company. Tredennick regularly speaks and writes on legal technology and AI topics, and has authored eight books and dozens of articles. He has also served as Chair of the ABA’s Law Practice Management Section.

Dr. William Webber is the Chief Data Scientist of Merlin Search Technologies. He completed his PhD in Measurement in Information Retrieval Evaluation at the University of Melbourne under Professors Alistair Moffat and Justin Zobel, and his post-doctoral research at the E-Discovery Lab of the University of Maryland under Professor Doug Oard.

With over 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications in the areas of information retrieval, statistical evaluation, and machine learning, he is a world expert in AI and statistical measurement for information retrieval and ediscovery. He has almost a decade of industry experience as a consulting data scientist to ediscovery software vendors, service providers, and law firms.

John Tredennick, CEO and founder, Merlin 

Dr. William Webber, Chief Data Scientist, Merlin

Transforming Discovery with GenAI

Take a look at our research and generative AI platform integration work on our GenAI page.


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