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Merlin and Quointec release ARM Communications Advisor

Denver CO—Merlin Digital Magic and Quointec, a technology subsidiary of Actuate Law, jointly announced completion of the beta program of the ARM Communications Advisor and its general release to the FinTech market. The software was designed to help large-scale debt buyers manage accounts receivable collections in accordance with federal and state regulations.  The platform merges legal advice from Actuate Law with the compliance workflow and hosting expertise of the Merlin Digital team.  ARM Communications Advisor is hosted securely in the AWS cloud in a shared-nothing environment. This allows each client to control the security around and access to their data. 

Here is more about the ARM Communications Advisor. 

Solving a Receeivables Problem

A leading national NewLaw firm, Actuate Law LLC, asked us to build a system their clients could use to keep up with the latest federal, state and local regulations for debt collection and to allow them to audit their agencies’ collection efforts across the country.

Working with Actuate Law, we built the ARM (Accounts Receivable Management) Communications Advisor. It integrates legal advice and rule-based alerts into a search and review platform for fair debt collections practice auditing. Once they subscribe to this next-generation compliance system, clients can rest easy knowing their debt collection agencies are following the latest federal, state and local laws, all of which they can easily demonstrate to upstream clients (original debt holders) and to government regulators through regular audit reports.

“We married an accounts receivable collection platform with the smartest FinTech lawyers in the country to provide up-to-the-minute legal advice on collection regulations (federal, state and local), so clients could stop worrying about FDCPA lawsuits.”

If you are a financial company with a portfolio of credit card and other debt, contact Dara Tarkowski at Actuate Law to inquire about licensing the ARM Communications Advisor.

Read the Case Study
Read the Case Study

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