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Merlin Search Technologies Named a 2023 Legal
Technology Trailblazer by National Law Journal

On February 1, 2023, The National Law Journal released its annual list of Legal Technology Trailblazers. Now in its third year, the Legal Technology Trailblazer series is a special supplement developed by The National Law Journal which spotlights companies and products proving to be agents of change that are advancing the legal industry through innovative solutions and technology.

Sherlock AI Revolutionizes Search

Merlin was named a legal technology trailblazer for its AI-powered search software Sherlock Integrated Search and its revolutionary new pricing program called Cloud Utility Pricing offering. Sherlock is the first search and discovery platform to integrate Artificial Intelligence directly into its search engine. Users can submit one or more documents directly to Sherlock’s AI engine and instantly receive other relevant documents to further their investigation or review.

Sherlock’s unique no-training algorithm is thousands of times faster and more scalable than others on the market, capable of analyzing and ranking a million documents in 100 milliseconds or less–ten million in less than a second. As Merlin’s CEO, John Tredennick, noted, “Sherlock works like Pandora Internet Radio, only when you click “Thumbs Up” he finds great documents rather than great music.”

Cloud Utility Pricing Puts Clients in Control of Hosting Costs

Merlin has also been recognized as a trailblazer in ediscovery pricing. From the first days of ediscovery, vendors have charged monthly hosting fees based on the number of GBs and users on the site. In that regard, ediscovery clients rented the sites by the month, paying full freight whether the cases were active or not. 

“We felt it was time for a change,” explained CEO John Tredennick, “particularly because we are now living in an era where computing resources can be purchased by the hour.” “We eschewed the traditional multi-tenant model used in data centers and developed our platform using single-tenant architecture,” he continued. 

That decision allowed Merlin to radically change hosting charges from the traditional per gigabyte rent by the month license to an hourly hosting model that charges one rate when clients are actively using the site and another, greatly reduced rate, when the site is turned off. The Merlin development team spent months automating its software to allow clients to schedule site hours or manually turn a site on and off. The automation is so efficient that site computer resources can be rebuilt from scratch and data reloaded in minutes, about the time it would take to get a cup of coffee. Merlin is also developing Cloud Saver Utilities™ that will turn off a site automatically when it is inactive for 45 minutes or so. 

The First Green Computing Initiative for Ediscovery

“This is not just about saving substantially on hosting costs,” Kathy Hogy, Merlin’s VP of Operations noted. “It is also about saving energy and compute resources. We are excited to be launching what many say is the first Green Computing Initiative for legal ediscovery,” she added. “Turning computers off when not in use saves electricity which is good for our planet. It may be a small contribution to a bigger problem but we believe every bit helps combat global warming.”

The Merlin team was thankful to be included in this august list of legal technology trailblazers. We will be demonstrating our Sherlock AI search platform at LegalWeek in March along with our Single-Tenant Architecture and Cloud Utility Pricing. Contact a Merlin representative to book an hour in our suite at the Warwick Hotel in NYC.

About Merlin Search Technologies

Merlin is a cloud technology company developing AI-powered  software for investigations, discovery and compliance. Our flagship, Sherlock Integrated Search, is the first Search 2.0 platform, the first to integrate keyword and algorithmic search in a user-friendly discovery platform, Sherlock
® provides a faster, easier and more effective way to find relevant documents for investigations, discovery and legal compliance.  

Merlin is also revolutionizing the delivery of and pricing for ediscovery software. We provide greater data security and control through Sherlock’s unique single-tenant architecture, which allows us to host data anywhere in the world, including in a client’s secure AWS environment. 

Single-tenant architecture also allows Merlin to offer Cloud Utility Pricing™, a revolutionary alternative to traditional per gigabyte monthly hosting. Cloud Utility Pricing allows clients to save substantial amounts on hosting costs by consuming software on a monthly basis. Clients pay one hourly rate while the system is in active use and another, much lower rate when the system is turned off. 

Merlin Search Technologies

John Tredennick is the CEO and founder of Merlin Search Technologies.

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