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Privacy Policy

Merlin builds and hosts digital compliance workflow systems for corporations and their law firms. The data we store is on behalf of and at the control of our clients. During the course of providing services, we receive a wide variety of data, some of which includes personal information.

In addition, we sometimes receive personal information from individuals who visit our website, seek materials from us, or attend our educational programs. We are committed to protecting personal data, whether required by law, agreement or otherwise. We will not under any circumstances sell, rent or barter any information we receive from clients, users or visitors for any reason.

This Privacy Policy sets forth how we use the data we receive and how we handle questions or concerns that you might have. It is divided into three categories reflecting:

  1. Data received from clients
  2. Data collected from users of our platforms
  3. Data collected from visitors to our websites

This privacy policy applies to Merlin and the software and services we provide.

Data Received From Clients

Data we receive from clients belongs to the client. Decisions regarding what information gets processed and hosted, and who is allowed to access it, are made by the client. This includes any personal information we host on our platform. For that reason, we treat all client data as confidential and will not disclose it to third parties for any reason unless directed by the client or required to by law, subpoena or other legal process. Should we receive a legal demand for data, we will contact the client for directions unless prohibited from doing so by law or court order. We grant access to client data to our employees and contractors in order to deliver services requested by a client. All such employees and/or contractors are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Data Collected From Users

Users of our platform are authorized by our clients. We collect data from users when they register, interact with the platform, or otherwise communicate with us. We treat this information as confidential and will not use for any purpose other than providing our services, support, and communications with that user.

Data Collected From Visitors

Merlin collects information from visitors to our website and from third parties so that we may communicate with you about relevant products, services and related information. Communication includes email, telephone, direct mail, social media or other communication formats subject to ensuring that such communications are provided to you in compliance with applicable law.

We do not sell, give, or trade the personal information or statistics we store to any third parties for data-mining or marketing purposes. At any time, you may unsubscribe from our promotional communications by simply clicking on the unsubscribe link included in every email or newsletter we send, or by contacting us at After you unsubscribe, we will not send you further emails, but we may continue to contact you to the extent necessary for the purposes of any products, services or other specific information you have requested.

Why We Collect Your Information

Merlin may index and use your personal data, as reasonably necessary and in accordance with your consent to:

  • Send you content downloads or subscriptions requested via the website.
  • Send you general marketing communications.
  • Send you email notifications which you have specifically requested.
  • Send you our newsletter and other marketing communications (relating to our business which we think may be of interest to you, such as online event invitations).
  • Respond to inquiries you have made relating to our products and services (including but not limited to a request for a meeting or product demonstration).
  • Improve your browsing experience on our website.
  • How We Collect Information: Merlin Website

Web forms: We use web forms to collect basic personal data that will enable us to communicate with you. You are the sole source of information provided to us on our website. Our website may collect any or all of the following: name (first, last), business email address, business phone number, job title, company name, and mailing address.

Cookies: We also collect data through the use of cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data that gets entered into the memory of a browser and is stored on your computer’s hard drive. The cookie helps analyze web traffic and lets you know when you visit a particular site. Cookies allow web applications to respond to you as an individual. Although each browser is different, most browsers will allow users to establish their own preferences to accept cookies, reject them or notify you when a cookie is set.

Google Analytics: We use Google Analytics to collect information about your use of the website and support site (collectively “sites”). Aggregation of this information enables us to improve our sites’ usability, track domains from which people visit, provide information on our online advertising and optimize our advertising performance, and measure visitor activity. Google Analytics uses cookies and other, similar technologies to collect information about the sites’ use and to report site trends to us, without identifying individual visitor information to us. We may use this data to analyze site trends and help us improve. To learn more about the information collected by Google Analytics, please visit:

How We Collect Information: Third-Party Sources

Merlin also receives information about you from third-party sources, including public and private databases, lead generation services, third-party event organizers, marketing partners with whom we do business, and social media sites.

Other Uses

We may share your personal data under a suitable confidentiality agreement as part of a sale, merger or change in control, or in preparation for any of these events. Any other entity which buys us or part of our business will have the right to continue to use your data, but only in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy unless you agree otherwise.

Questions and Compliance

People who have questions about this privacy policy or who believe that we have violated it should contact us at We will work with you to address your issues.

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