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Sherlock Short Listed for ABA Legal Innovations Awards

Sherlock, Merlin’s AI powered digital document bloodhound, was named a top legal innovator by the American Bar Association and put on the shortlist to present at the ABA Techshow in Chicago on March 2, 2022. A panel of five judges selected 25 legal startups, with the final 15 to be determined by public votes. 

Here was Merlin’s Elevator Pitch: “Merlin’s revolutionary new discovery platform integrates keyword and algorithmic search, allowing users to find relevant documents, quickly and easily, without mastering keyword/query logic. We call our engine “Sherlock,” the first AI-powered digital document bloodhound. Sherlock works like Pandora, when you click Thumbs Up, he finds great documents rather than great music. Sherlock offers a faster, easier, more effective way to find relevant documents for investigations, discovery and compliance.”

Please Vote Here to send Merlin to the ABA Techshow to present its revolutionary new search platform. Finalist? Nope, we are in it to win it. 

Want to learn about Search 2.0 and see Sherlock in action? Watch this short video: and get a glimpse of the future of search.


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