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Sherlock and the Case of the Voting Felons

The saga of Sherlock, the first AI-powered digital document bloodhound, continues. In his latest adventure, Sherlock takes on the “Case of the Voting Felons.”

Our mission is to find documents relating to the disenfranchisement of Florida Felons. Specifically, our job is to find documents concerning the right of felons to vote in Florida and the reinstatement of voting rights.

The document request looks like this:

“Felon Disenfranchisement: All documents concerning the right of felons to vote in Florida, including but not limited to voter purges and reinstatement of voter rights.” 

We could craft a complicated keyword search and hopefully find good documents but why bother. Instead, we will just paste the request into Merlin Integrated Search (punctuation and all) and see what Sherlock finds.

Hint: He gets on the trail immediately.

Tune into this episode to see how we are revolutionizing search at Merlin Search Technologies.

Tired of struggling with keywords? So are we. 

Welcome to the future.

John Tredennick is the founder and CEO of Merlin Search Technologies,
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