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Episode 12: Did you say two faced or two phased review?

John Tredennick, Tom Gricks and Dr. Jeremy Pickens are on the EDRM virtual porch with our friend Mary Mack to talk about Artificial Intelligence and its impact on the legal profession. 

Sure, TAR will be more efficient than a linear review — but why stop there? Why not look at ways to make even your TAR review even more efficient. We did. And what we discovered might surprise you.


Join Tom and John (minus our two faces–that’s why we do podcasts) as we talk about this revolutionary new workflow for optimizing a TAR 2.0 review. We will show you why a two-phase TAR protocol will minimize the total cost of review, even if you have to look at some of the documents twice! Two phased? Beats looking at our two faces every day of the week. Get the Tar Talk take on a better way to do your review.


Listen here.


And get a copy of the slides we discussed here.

Join us (but keep your social distance) on our virtual rockers as we talk about Artificial Intelligence and the Legal Profession.

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