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Our integrated machine-learning algorithms make finding
relevant documents faster, easier and more cost effective.

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Taking Search to the Next Level

We’re taking search to the next level by combining the familiarity of keywords with the speed and power of artificial intelligence. It’s a new and better way to find information for investigations, ediscovery, ECA and more.

Our new investigation and discovery platform, Sherlock Integrated Search, is built around a set of smart, machine-learning algorithms designed to help find relevant information in large document sets. We integrate them seamlessly with keyword search to make it quicker, easier and less costly to find relevant information.

Sherlock is the first Search 2.0 software, the first to meld machine learning with traditional keyword search. Once you experience the ease and effectiveness of algorithmic search, you’ll never again be satisfied with keywords alone.

Move Beyond Keywords to Find More, Faster!

Smarter Search

Integrating keyword syntax with machine learning makes search smarter so you can find relevant information quickly and easily.

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Smarter Review

Faster, more effective review means your team can focus on important documents at the beginning of the review and cut review costs and time.

Why is that?
Why is that?

Smarter Discovery

Cloud Utility Pricing™ means pay for what you need, when you need it–at a predictable price. License discovery software on your terms, not ours.

Utility Pricing!
Utility Pricing!

Making Search Smarter

Sherlock is the world’s first digital document bloodhound and the heart of our Search 2.0 software platform. In milliseconds, he can analyze documents you send and find others for further review. Fast and scalable, Sherlock can rank a million documents in 100 milliseconds, literally the blink of an eye.

Sherlock eliminates the need to craft complex keyword searches. Instead, we’ve programmed Sherlock’s smart, machine-learning algorithms to key off your judgments–retrieving relevant documents faster, more easily and at lower costs than was ever possible with keyword search alone.

Just click “Thumbs Up” and let Sherlock do the rest, quickly and effectively finding relevant documents to further your investigation or review.

Sherlock®  works like Pandora Radio or Spotify, only when you click “Thumbs Up”  he finds great documents rather than great music. 

Here is a quick introduction to Sherlock,
our AI-powered digital document bloodhound. 

Keyword search is one of the worst ways to find information in large document populations. Learn about the power of algorithmic search.

Making Review More Effective

Merlin's Unique Cluster Batching Enhances Review Efficiency!

Smarter Review

Reviewing documents in relevance order is a more efficient and effective way to find information whether you are running an investigation or an ediscovery review. 

With algorithmic search, documents return in ranked order, allowing you to quickly find what you need. If you have ever suffered through a  linear review, you know what we are talking about.  

Our unique cluster-batching algorithms take review to an even higher level. Ask Sherlock to bring back the next fifty documents in ranked order for a cluster analysis. In milliseconds, Sherlock will cluster documents with similar content, allowing you to tag them individually or as a group. Review becomes more effective and more efficient, saving time and money in the bargain.

Efficiency + Smarter Review = Increased Savings.

Making Discovery More Affordable

Smarter Pricing

Merlin’s cloud-native architecture is built to exploit the scale, elasticity and flexibility of the AWS cloud. It is the most advanced software delivery system available and supports a wide range of pricing options to fit your needs and your budget. 

Our goal is to make discovery more affordable. License our systems by the day, week or month depending on your needs. And secure volume discounts by reserving our platform to manage multiple cases annually. Ultimately, license and use our software on your schedule rather than ours.

That’s the benefit of Cloud Utility Pricing™.

Ready to Move Beyond Keywords?

We’re taking search to the next level by integrating keywords with AI machine learning.
Contact us to see how we can help you move beyond the limitations of keyword search.
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