Reinventing Search

We employ machine-learning algorithms to make search smarter, review easier and discovery more affordable. Our mission is to help people find the information they need—quickly and easily—in large document populations.

Watch as we make magic, digital magic, right before your very eyes.

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We Make Search Smarter

Our new software platform, Merlin Integrated Search, integrates keyword and algorithmic search to make search smarter (and simpler to use). Powered by Sherlock®, the first AI-powered digital bloodhound.

Find what you need—without having to master complex search syntax.

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We Make Review Easier

Our products are designed to take advantage of the newest AI cloud technology so you can review faster and more easily. Eye blinking speed, fewer clicks and an easy-to-use interface that will make you smile.

Your team is going to love it. And we’re just getting started.

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We Make Discovery Affordable

With True Cloud Pricing, choose how you want to consume our secure-cloud software—by the day, week or month. Or take computing resources annually for even better pricing. Pay for what you need, when you need it.

More affordable? That's a good thing!

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Making Magic

Merlin is a cloud technology company, developing AI-powered search, analytics and review software. We’ve been at it (including at our prior company) for more than two decades, building and hosting investigation, discovery and compliance  platforms for many of the largest organizations in the world. 

At Merlin, we set out to combine the power of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and our own digital magic to make search smarter, review faster and discovery more affordable.

The result?  Merlin Integrated Search, the next generation of  search, review and analytics software.

We're back . . .

We pioneered ediscovery in the ‘90s, were first in multi-language search in the 2000's, and invented TAR 2.0 in the 2010's. For our next trick, we are reinventing the way people search.

Back from where?
Back from where?

With amazing software . . .

We started from scratch, building on the latest machine learning, search and cloud technologies. You get speed, simplicity, and Sherlock®, our amazing AI-powered search algorithm.

Geek out
Geek out

At affordable prices . . .

Take advantage of the cloud’s unique delivery capabilities, spinning sites up or down as needed. Or book annually for even better value. Affordable? That’s True Cloud Pricing™.

True affordability
True affordability

Making Search Smarter

Introducing Sherlock

Meet Sherlock,  the world’s first AI-powered digital bloodhound. Sherlock analyzes documents you’ve already seen and then finds other relevant ones to further your investigation. 

Sherlock eliminates the need to craft complicated keyword searches. Instead, it uses a smart algorithm to fetch relevant documents faster, more easily, and at lower cost than traditional keyword search. 

Sherlock works like Pandora Internet Radio. Only when you click “thumbs up,” Sherlock fetches great documents rather than great music. 

Just say: “Go get ’em, Sherlock!

(Our digital  document bloodhound)

Making Review Easier (and Faster)

Speed, Simplicity & Visual Analytics

We’ve been developing search and review software for over two decades, supporting individuals and teams of all types and sizes. Speed and simplicity have been critical to our success, along with our expertise in automated review workflow. This time around we are adding new ways to visualize data, new ways to scan document content and a first of its kind “cluster batching” algorithm.  

Sherlock Key Terms Word Cloud

 Making review easier, faster and more efficient is the heart of our mission to reinvent search.  

You’re going to love Merlin IS from the moment you log in.

Making Discovery Affordable

True Cloud Pricing

Our cloud-native architecture allows us to offer you a range of pricing options to fit both your needs and your budget. Consume our systems by the day, week or month. Or, secure deeper discounts by reserving our platform for a year or longer, moving cases on or off  as your needs dictate. 

Spin our systems up or down as you need them. Or move sites on or off the platform as you work on them. Store copies of the site in different parts of the country for rapid disaster recovery, with hourly backups if needed.


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Our mission today concerns the disenfranchisement of Florida Felons. Specifically, our job is to find documents concerning the right of felons to vote in Florida and the reinstatement of voting rights.

Can Sherlock help us find relevant documents? Tune in to find out.

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Software is the magic of the twenty-first century. We harness that magic in our search, analytics and review platform. Contact us to learn more about Merlin's digital magic.
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